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Every website trying to inform about online betting starts with aspiration to evolve into a fully professional effort, with dazzling templates, impressive frontend and jiggling banners. There are some exceptions, though. Websites which become popular, but refuse to change, although there’s an obvious potential of development. is one of them. Launched back in 2014 as an amateur effort, still keeps on posting reviews, bonuses, offers and all other pieces of information using the webnode platform.

If the site is updated

The website is like a personal blog, but takes full advantage of the webnode template. The structure is more than simple, but you have one great advantage: You cannot miss anything!

There’s only one main page and actually no menu at all. All information are presented in the main page. As the website title reveals, the main bulk of information is sportsbook reviews. There’s a list in upper side with Top Welcome bonus sites and another list of new betting sites.

On the right side there’s a full list of bookmakers presented to the website, along with a “review” button. The review is a nice surprise, as it contains all crucial information is so little space and words. No endless texts. Only lists containing all you’d like to know about every online bookmaker (Currencies, Deposit methods, Minimum Deposit, Minimum Withdraw etc.) and a few snapshots of how the website betslip and live betting platforms look like.

Along with the lists there are useful texts explaining about the welcome bonuses, the free bets, and some useful tips about how to select a new betting website.

Special offers

Top-100-sportsbook-bonus is a website dedicated to offers and bonuses. The main list consists of top sportsbook welcome bonuses and all online bookmakers are rated this way, the bigger the offer, the higher the place. You can claim all bonuses by just clicking the “visit” button next to every online bookmaker’s logo.

If the user experience is good

At first sight, it looks like a primitive website, not able to catch the eye. But when you scroll down a little bit and start visiting the “review” pages, you find some really interesting details, which reveal a professional effort. No amateur or scam could contribute so many sportsbook reviews, full of up-to-date information and details. Seems like the website was left like this on purpose, to better communicate with visitors, who’re puffed with so-called professional betting websites.

If it’s modern

You couldn’t say that. The webnode platform serves some bloggers, not a multi-page websites. As the effort is existing quite some years now, this vintage-like image is intentional. Something like this: I visit my trusted buddy on the internet to grab some information not found anywhere else. 

If it’s social media friendly

Could this website be social-media active? In lower left frame there are many social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), so many that they create ambitions. But none of them is existing. There’s a “Print” option, though, which allows you to print all reviews in one page each, if you’re somewhat traditional.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists and the reviews about bonuses, top-100-sportsbook-bonus has no advertising banners except one, in the higher left frame. This one and only banner is working as the website’s highlight. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,1) ♠♠♠

You can always lean on this website in order to find fast and useful tips about a lot of worldwide sportsbooks, this is a wonderful source. Information is accurate and updated, concerning a lot of not-so-popular worldwide bookies. 

Affiliate’s name:  TOP 100 SPORTSBOOK BONUS


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