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Top100Bookmakers.com is one of the authoritative independent online portals, aimed at an English-speaking audience and evaluating the services of online bookmakers.

Top100Bookmakers marks the 100 most famous online bookmakers solely on the principle of the highest attendance of the site and provides an opportunity to evaluate the rating of these bookmakers by the readers themselves. All online operators must meet several portal criteria: basic services – sports betting; English version of the site; availability of the US dollar, euro and British pound among the available currencies.

Top100Bookmakers.com is first of all an information site, in sections of which you can find the rating of bookmakers, compiled by the value of the bonus, attendance or popularity in a particular country. The portal provides information such as general data, margin values, payment methods, promotions, number of markets, reliability and contacts.

There is also information about those bookmakers who accept bets from US users. The site has the option of searching and selecting an operator according to certain criteria.

If the site is updated

The overview of each bookmaker is updated on the first day of the new month.  The TOP-100 bookmaker rating is based on a combination of various factors, which include both the opinions of the betting business experts and the results of estimating the internet traffic of the bookmaker websites according to Alexa Rank.

Special offers

Despite the fact that the activities of Top100Bookmakers exist thanks to advertising, the site conducts a neutral policy. Also, this portal does not hold any entertainment events and does not give forecasts.

If the user experience is good

Each player and any other market participant can independently assess the rating made. In order to fall into this authoritative rating, the activity of operators must meet the following criteria: the main services provided – the rates for sports events; mandatory availability of the English version of the site; accessibility as a game currency of the US dollar, the British pound and the euro.

If it is modern

In this particular case, how much the site is modern is important in the last turn. Here is an important approach to the process. Top 100 Bookmakers takes an equal approach to all online bookmakers, none of them is preferred because of affiliation. Bookmakers ranking is a result of evaluation of bookmakers website traffic as an objective indicator.

If it is social media friendly

This site practically does not use social networks as a source of traffic. Top100bookmaker.com actively leads only a page on Twitter. It is curious that the site has a moderate negative trend in attracting traffic. In the period from June 2018 to November 2018 the attendance of this site decreased from 78,644 to 55,590 (-34.35%).

If banner positions are good

Top banner advertising positions are always occupied. But it is possible to place a banner on the side positions – here is plenty of free space.

Final score (4.5) ♠♠♠♠

The company’s policy is absolutely neutral and independent. Therefore, this site is very much appreciated among all bookmakers. And important that it to keep up-to-date information about the activities of every bookmaker who is a regular operator in the market.

Contact Details

Name – https://www.top100bookmakers.com/

Company Mail – https://www.top100bookmakers.com/contact-us/

Company Twitter – https://twitter.com/top100b

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