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2018 is one of the pioneer websites when it comes to crypto-currency worldwide gambling. Instead of providing information about all online casinos and creating long, endless lists, the administrators decided to focus on those casinos who accept crypto-currency, especially Bitcoin (btc casinos). The structure of the website is following the norms of others, but the innovation of limiting the interest on those with crypto-currency makes them one of a kind. Of course, you can find information about crypto-currency accepting casinos elsewhere, but these seem like they’re the experts, as they review only this kind of casinos.

If the site is updated

The website’s structure is more than simple, they focus on their content. The main list, which appears in the frontpage, is the Best BTC Casinos. There’s a list with more than 15 online casinos accepting Bitcoin, along with their Bitcoin bonus, their ranking according to the website’s criteria. For those seeking more details, there’s a complete review of the online casinos. There you can find a list with all crypto-currencies accepted.

For those not familiar with Bitcoin yet, there’s a quick, but detailed, guide to crypto-currency and especially Bitcoin. There’s also information about Types of BTC casinos and a recitation of BTC Casinos advantages. There’s also complete information about how to play in a BTC Casino using crypto-currency.

For the various casino games enthusiasts other than slots, such as blackjack, roulette and dice, there’s a “Games” section. There the casinos are ranked according to games availability and credibility. There’s also plenty of information concerning the games themselves and how to play in an online casino.

The newest category added is the “Ethereum” one on the main menu. There’s a short presentation of the specific crypto-currency before the list of the casinos accepting Ethereum for their transactions. You can also learn the Ethereum advantages when gambling in an online casino and the differences between gambling with Ethereum and gambling with Bitcoin.

Special offers

When you select to visit the “Bonus” section of the, you’re guided to “Top Bitcoin Casino Bonuses: The Ultimate Guide”. This may sound cocky, but it isn’t. There’s a complete list of online casinos. The ranking examines, of course, if there’s a crypto-currency transaction method and how convenient it is. There’s also an explanation about faucet rewards when using crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. 

If the user experience is good

Actually, I had a good time navigating The structure is very simple, easy to use and not complicated at all. You can reach all information you need by just a few clicks. The information is accurate and up-to-date. This is more important for websites like this, focusing on a trend like crypto-currency, with online casinos accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and others all the time, so the details change almost daily.

If it’s modern

Launched in 2018, doesn’t need renovation. The administrators have chosen to focus on content quality rather than quantity, so don’t expect glamorous graphics and jiggling banners. You won’t find them there. The website is as modern as it has to be to fulfill every serious visitor’s expectations.

If it’s social media friendly

Actually, they don’t seem to care about attracting an audience through social media accounts. There’s no presence on Facebook, Twitter or any other of popular social media. They should try this in the near future, though, as crypto-currency is becoming more and more popular worldwide and they could reach an expanded audience.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the betting lists and the reviews, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,6) ♠♠♠♠

This is a very promising project, quite new but rushing to the future, as crypto-currency promises. There are many websites providing information about online casinos, but quite few focusing on those accepting Bitcoin. There are a lot of details available to read and decide and the ranking is more than fair. They’ve got a good score in India.

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