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Casino comparison site launched in 2016 and is dedicated to helping players in the UK find their perfect casino. The site is jam-packed with unbiased reviews for hundreds of casinos and slots, as well as expert guides to all corners of the world of casino.

If the site is updated

TopRatedCasinos doesn’t have visible ‘News’ section, has no social presence and doesn’t provide users with updates history for their main sections anywhere on the website. So it was difficult to pick up a trace of how often the website is updated. But all the rankings, and there are lots of them, seem to be updated on a monthly basis and ‘Online Casino Offers & Promotions” section is also active.

Special offers

TopRatedCasinos has published a high number of reviews on Casinos, Slots, Roulette and Blackjack websites. They all include bonus information, so users have good insight regarding available offers in the various sectors of the gambling world. More offers are available after subscribing to TPC newsletter.

If the user experience is good

Very, very good. not only has a lot of interesting content but the information there is also presented in a very logical way. As much as we enjoyed checking their specific reviews, which are no doubt excellent, we also appreciated seeing information about how the reviews are done and what factors are included when grading it.

If it is modern is a simple looking website, which gives out a fresh vibe and is quite eye-pleasing. All main sections are visible via Top Bar and additional content is intelligently located all over the website. The extra possibility of ranking reviews based on users voting is a nice touch as well and ‘Feature Comparison’ is an even better idea.

However, we were surprised to find ‘Spotlight’ and ‘News’ sections through the ‘Search’ function. They are both not visible anywhere on the main website, which is confusing since both seem to be updated on a semi-regular basis.

If it is social media friendly

In a shocking turn of events, hell no. We understand having some reservations about Facebook and Twitter, but avoiding them completely is quite surprising. TRC actually has a Twitter handle (@topratedcasinos) but used it only once since 2016.

If banner positions are good doesn’t show any interest in placing banners.

Final score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠

TopRatedCasinos definitely is up there as one of the best websites to help users navigating through bumpy roads of online gambling. We are impressed with both content quality and website functionality, so lack of social media presence this time lowered down final score only a little bit.

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RevShare, CPA, Hybrid

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