Tovarishch, you can do better…

I did my round of the gambling industry news sites today and I realized that there is not a lot to dwell upon, except the Russian Gaming Week.

The show took place last week in Moscow and I believe that the organizers have to think hard about what to do in order to grow the business and attract more providers. Moscow is a key city in Eastern Europe and if I start counting the operators, based in former Soviet Union countries, I will be still counting by tomorrow.

It is very strange that all these companies spend so much money in order to attend London, Amsterdam, New York, etc, and they have just a simple presence in the Moscow show. The organizers should think bigger, attract all the important providers and create a worthy rival of ICE.

A big show like this, in the beginning of summer, can signify the end of the previous season and the preparation of the new one. Russian Gaming Week has a lot of potential and can become a very big event that can help small and big companies from all over the world to grow their business.

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