Trends in online casinos in 2020

Trends in online casinos in 2020

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  1. Why exactly slot machines?
  2. What awaits online casinos in the future?
  3. VR Live online casino – a revolutionary novelty

Customers of modern online casinos prefer slot machines. The popularity of video slots is several times higher than that of the same roulette, poker, baccarat, and lotteries. Slots are becoming the main trend and direction in the development of the gambling industry on the Internet starting from 1995.

Why exactly slot machines?

Modern slots have undoubted advantages. They have excellent graphics and great sound. Playing on such slots is insanely interesting and exciting.

Several factors speak in favor of this:

  • Intuitive mechanics which understandable to everyone, even beginners. The gambler needs to bet, start the reels and wait for the result. Everything is built on a random number generator and bet management.
  • The user has no real rivals. The client of the club will not lose since he does not have experience, skills, and knowledge. This qualitatively distinguishes slot machines from poker, where professionals bluff and high rollers leave newcomers out of work.
  • Slot machines in online casinos don’t have mechanical parts at all. All slots developed with the latest trends in web development such as HTML5. Thanks to this, the player will be immersed in a virtual world with unique characters, themes, and quests.
  • Slots come with bonuses. You can win due to chance and rounds of free spins and other bonus offers. Besides, the prize program of online casino is focused on emulators and helps to get an additional head start without spending money on your own!

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What awaits online casinos in the future?

Software providers, although they compete with each other, go along the same path:

  • The trend for interactivity in online casino games. New functions appear in the gambling games which change the principles of classical online casino entertainment. This applies to the points system. For points scored inside online casino games, you can activate additional bonuses, upgrade your account status and buy bonus options in the form of free spins.
  • Multilevel slots. Traditional slot machines, in addition to the risk game, include a round of paid spins. In new slots, such as Book of Dead, you can activate several bonus games at once, where you need to search for artifacts, collect puzzles or show your reaction skill.
  • Focus on cryptocurrency in online casinos. This applies to topics, plots and the mechanics themselves. More and more slots and other casino games are focused on crypto-currencies. This is expressed in a flexible betting system when you can start at 10 cents, and end with hundreds of dollars.
  • Improved graphic component. Three-dimensional graphics now can be played inside your web browser, including smartphones. HTML5 technology continues to evolve. There are even VR games for web browsers!

VR Live online casino – a revolutionary novelty

Internet clubs are developing not only the segment of slot machines but also desktop entertainment. A striking example is a VR live online casino, a novelty of recent years.

Games with a live dealer in VR mean that a visitor in real-time receives a broadcast from several cameras at once to his VR headset. A real casino employee participates in the live VR games. Live VR tables are focused on roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat.

These are just a few trends which appear more common in online casinos and software developed for online gambling clubs, we sure that in 5 years or so, VR will be mainstream, and VR online casino won’t be an “alien technology”.

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