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Upcoming Horse Racing Shows At Del Mar Race Course

The Del Mar Race Course is now open for the newest edition of “turf meets the surf” racing showdown. It is located in San Diego, California. This racing location is expecting another influx sports bettors to come and witness the different horse racing show that will take place in the said race track. The Del Mar Thoroughbred Racing Club will bring different racing stakes giving bettors more chances of earning high prizes at stake. 

As Del Mar Race Course opens another horse racing shows this summer, a lot of horse racing fans are working hard to take part in the said competition. It is also expected that you might see appearances of some horse racers who took big races such as the U.S Triple Crown. During the Del Mar racing, there are different graded states competition which will take place and bettors will experience ultimate fun and excitement due to the various betting games they can partake. 

Thus, as you go along and decide to take your summer experience in betting horse racing games in Del mar, let us give you the schedule of racing event you may expect. Upcoming races, handicapping seminar, daybreaks, and family weekend getaways are some of the activities you might also want to dive. 

Graduation Stakes 

It is the first racing event which will take place in Del Mar racetrack on Friday, August 02, 2019. It is a racing competition where each horse racer will run around 5 ½ furlongs. The only qualified horse racers to run in this event are two-year-old thoroughbred which is California handicapped. That means that horse racers outside California are disqualified from joining. 

During this racing tournament, all horse racers who came from California will compete for a $100,000 purse. So, if you are one of the bettors who’d like to take part in the upcoming Graduation Stakes, make sure you make your reservations already in the venue so you’ll not miss an awesome racing show in the first week of August. 

Yellow Ribbon Handicap 

The Yellow Ribbon Handicap takes place the day after the Graduation Stakes. In this racing showdown, you will see three-year-old thoroughbred horses, mares, and fillies which will compete in the Grade 3 Stakes category. Each horse racer will compete in 8.5 furlongs, and each winning entry will expect a winning purse of $200,000.

Sorrento Stakes

The Sorrento Stakes will take place the same day along with Yellow Ribbon Handicap. The only thing that makes this horse racing event unique is that the show is attended by two-year-old fillies or female horses. Each entry will run inside a dirt track and should complete a 6.5-furlong running field. It may also run in different distances depending on the rules of the racing, and each winner can expect a purse prize of $200, 000. 

La Jolla Handicap

The La Jolla Handicap is part of Del Mar’s annual horse racing showdown which will take place on August 04, 2019. There is no required weight for this racing; however, the racers are assigned according to their body type and mass. Also, the three-year-old thoroughbred is the only horse racers who are qualified to join the said event. 

Each winning entry will get a purse of $150,000. All entries will compete is a turf distance measuring around 8.5  furlongs. 

Solana Beach Stakes 

Del Mar Race Course will also hold the Solana Beach Stakes on August 09, 2019. There is also a high restriction when it comes to the requirement of the horse runners because it is only open to California mares and fillies aging three-years-old and up. The winning entry of this horse racing event will receive a guaranteed prize of $150, 000. 

Best Pal Stakes 

It’s a  Grade 2 Stakes which will take place in Del Mar racetrack on August 10, 2019. It is a racing event for all two-year-old thoroughbred which is willing to compete for a running distance of 6.5 furlongs. It is initially known as Balboa Stakes which is run in turf distance. Each winning entry can expect a purse of $200,000. Lastly, the race also holds a different running distance, depending on the rules set by the organization. 

Rancho Bernardo Handicap 

The Rancho Bernardo Handicap takes place on August 11, 2019, at Del Mar racing field. It is open to three-year-old mares and fillies willing to run a distance of 6.5 furlongs. All fillies and mares joining this event will compete in the Grade 3 Stakes category and will win a purse of $100, 000. Aside from that, the winner of Rancho Bernardo Handicap will earn a sure entry for the Breeder’s Cup. 

TVG Pacific Classic 

One of the largest paid horse racing activities in Del Mar is the TVG Pacific Classic. It carries a guaranteed purse prize of $1million. Each three-year-old thoroughbred racer will compete for a running distance of 1 ¼ mile. It is also considered as the highest horse racing event held in San Diego, California. 

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