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Virtual sports Generation

Virtual sports are growing rapidly in the gambling industry with companies like Golden Race, Vermantia, BetRadar and more.

All these companies are creating, day by day, new virtual sports, so detailed and realistic, that one can almost not understand if they are digital or real! Virtual sports are made mostly for land based shops but it seems that are now finding a place in the online market too.

The plus with this kind of betting, is that you can bet on sport events any time you wish. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for 2 hours (or even more sometimes if you bet on Grand Slam tennis!) in order to see if you won or not. Thank for this the RNG (Random Number Generator) revolution.

Have in mind that in licensing, these games are accepted as real sport games. This means, that a good percentage of the new generation of gamblers will move to virtual sports and e-sports.

However, a quick Google search comes up with no reviews about the quality of virtual sports. This gap in your knowledge will be filled by Gamblers Post. Quality test reviews, interviews and comments on virtual sports are coming soon in our site, so stay tuned!

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