What is it to Become a Casino High Roller

Most commonly referred to as the whales in the ocean of gambling, the high rollers are the ones that generate spectators and fans. The suited legend with luxurious cars and inscrutable visage is the most-coveted patron of a casino. Liquor and meals served on the table at the penthouse suite place them higher on the level of expertise. You would dream of taking the large bounds to the top, but sticking to the small rolls don’t shoot you up there. Setting up the target to being the privileged player doesn’t clear the hazy path to becoming one. Envisioning yourself as the high roller shouldn’t be driven by the dream of reveling in the limelight, but the desire to gather more skills. The pinnacle of gambling is easy to watch being savored than pursuing it.

What Makes a High Roller

Stepping out of a limousine to carry your suave self into the casino does not make you the quintessential high roller. It is your betting habits that define you, and as long as you stand unfazed, the game does not go haywire. $25 or more would be the standard slots wager of high rollers, whereas it could go higher than $100 per hand when playing a table-game. They do not wager big in every session; instead, they make the game more lively by putting up a consistent challenge against the casino. The one who places the bigger bet gets better treatment, making the chances for the less vulnerable player to rocket higher. It is the upper and middle-class players that contribute more to the bottom-line of a casino to generate more revenue, not the high rollers.

According to www.newjerseyslots.com, casinos can easily recognize the high rollers and are aware of the fact that they can discern between the unprofitable and profitable quarters, hence providing them with perks that the average players can only dream of. Transportation for the whales is usually the casino’s responsibility, and many of them fly in style to the gamble. Luxury cars, top-end dinners,  and expensive liquor come with a cost to the casual players, while the high rollers get to enjoy the ride and sip of the intoxicating drinks for free.

How to Be the King?

Becoming a whale is among the most challenging tasks in the world of gambling, with none of the steps to expertise having a gentle elevation to be passed overnight. Taking the confined track and checking each task to climb to the zenith is not the whole concept of becoming a high roller. Here are certain tips that can surely take you on the slow ride to limousines and buffets.

1. Make Bigger Bets

You draw the attention of other players and most importantly, the casino authorities to categorize you along with the massive whales. Make your bet depending on the size of the casino that you are visiting. High wagers of about $100 in a South Asian local casino would be the smallest in the top-end casinos of Las Vegas. Betting as high as the highest rollers in Vegas would be unaffordable, but investing at least 1/10th of that amount would be required to qualify you for the position of a whale.

2. Bigger Deposits

Depositing as high as $100000 will surely get you the preferential treatment, but such hefty amounts is not always affordable by many players. You can still get halfway to your desired perks by depositing half of that amount to almost as low as $10000. Casinos will run background checks on you before giving away huge credit lines or other perks in the form of suites, to ensure that you will not refuse payments or lose huge sums.

3. Go for the Smaller Casinos First

You gain valuable experience wagering at smaller casinos, on how to go further with every bet and to control your betting strategy according to the situation at hand. When you play at the small casinos, you are less likely to lose huge amounts in the form of bets or deposits. When you are the highest roller in the small casino, you would be receiving the most valuable perks.


To be pampered and treated well is not something that anyone is averse to. Whales are the rulers of the game with the grandiose perks. But to be the high roller, playing your favorite game with the same bet amount over and over again will not help. You get into the higher level of the game and place bundles on the table to get luxury in return.

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