Why Online Gambling is Gaining Popularity Among Dutch Players

The Netherlands is a country known for having relaxed laws with activities like prostitution and drugs. However, this is not the case for gambling. The Netherlands government has strong restrictions on certain gambling activities, especially online gambling. Although Dutch players are legally allowed to play games online, their legal system, however, restricts this participation to Holland-based websites only. Sadly, there are very few of these websites available for Dutch players.

Fortunately, the Dutch government has a rather liberal view concerning non-Dutch operators of online gambling platforms. Although there are subtle warnings against engaging, there are no strict regulations concerning this. This has opened up a whole new market of ready players to international gambling operators. Some of the biggest and most successful online gambling brands have been able to penetrate the Dutch market regardless of the risk involved.

In case you’re unaware, the raging news that’s been sweeping the Dutch gambling community for the last couple of months is the plans for a regulated online gambling system. The Dutch government has taken active steps towards the establishment of a highly moderated online gambling community. The Dutch Senate has voted to legalize online gambling in the country. However, owners of online gambling platforms would obtain a license from the Netherland gambling regulation, KSA, before they can offer their services to the Dutch market. The new gambling legislation is set to take effect in the middle of this year. This would change the face of the game for the Dutch gambling industry.

Why the buzz about online gambling? From 1.5 million players in 2016 to over 1.8 million active gamblers in 2018, there seems to be no leach on the exponential growth of the online gambling community. The Netherlands has an on-site working casino regulated by the government. Yet, there’s much demand for online gambling. Why is that?

Here are some of the reason why we online gambling has been gaining so much popularity amidst Dutch players:

Technology and its perks

The revolution of digitalization and smart processes have made online gambling a very secure environment for placing bets. Unlike the traditional on-site casinos, major online gambling companies process their payments via highly recognized financial agencies. Players can place their bets from their devices and watch their money work wonders for them. Online gambling also improves the player’s privacy, especially for those who love to keep a low profile. With advanced technology, online gambling is becoming faster, smoother, and gaining more traction now than ever before.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Players can place their bets at any time, and from anywhere they are. They can easily check out their bets in the middle the night or during their lunch break at work without having to wait for an opening or closing time of the on-site casino. Top casino sites such as OnlineCasinoHEX.nl allow you to place your bet from anywhere you are.

Multiple Currencies

Online gambling allows players to play games using their currencies. This saves players from the stress of having to convert their currencies back and forth. A Dutch can place a bet in Euro while an American place that same bet in USD.

No Chips, Real money only

You already know what I’m talking about. Unlike an on-site casino, online casinos inform players of the accurate value of their money with the use of multi-colored chips. Most on-site casino players tend to forget the real value of the chips, thus playing away more than money than they intend to.

No rules! Just play!

Online gambling is free from the plethora of on-site premises regulations and rules. For instance, you do not have to put on a suit or dress classy to place a bet online. You can place your bets naked if you wish. There are no smoking regulations also. Players are free to eat and drink whatsoever they wish without worrying about breaking the law. This promotes convenience and a great sense of comfort.

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