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Part of LCB Network (LatestCasinoBonuses) since 2017 (WCD) is the premier web destination for casino and gambling enthusiasts. In addition to listing the world’s casinos in a way that is easy to navigate and understand WCD also offers hotel bookings at your favourite casinos, list world lottery results and online casinos.  

If the site is updated

WCD News section is updated frequently. Days without news are rare, and more often than not, there are a few new articles published per day. Also, various sections of this website have a lot of content available, which was written in the past and either doesn’t have to be updated, or it can be done irregularly. Outdated or incomplete informations are rare but can be found for example in Eastern Europe section.

Special offers

Casino, Poker, Sports, Bingo, Racing and Lottery – these sections have direct links to available websites in their specific genre. They are usually provided with bonus information, plus either a rating or a review.

If the user experience is good

First time visitor at WCD can be a little bit overwhelmed, as this is a website with a long history and unsurprisingly, a huge articles database. But navigation there is quite straight-forward, and it’s helped with a very visible ‘search function’, which works well.

Our favourite section was definitely a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which successfully combined important answers mixed with some light humour. It’s located on the main site, so it got an exposure which deserves.

It has to be noted that WCD has an active forum under LCB Network (LatestCasinoBonuses) wings, which has over 110k registered members. Visitors to the website can also register to a newsletter which offers weekly news updates.

If it is modern has a professional looking design which we found rather easy on our, usually tired, eyes. White background and dark font combine well. The website works fast too, no complaints from us here.

If it is social media friendly

WCD is active on Twitter, where it shares links to the most important articles. When we were doing our review somehow it was not updated for three straight days, but checking back it seemed like a very rare situation. No Facebook or Instagram, but there’s an active profile on Linkedin.

If banner positions are good

You can find some of them at the bottom of various sections. They are however easy to miss between all the content and news published there.

Final score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠

WorldCasinoDirectory has enough content to deserve at least one visit from every casino enthusiast. It was once advertised as “The only complete and up to date directory of casinos worldwide” and even if it’s not 100% true, it’s probably as close to it as anyone can find.

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  1. hey, very nice site. thanks for sharing post

  2. hey, very nice site. thanks for sharing post

  3. It appears that World Casino is not really interested in your opinion, or what you have to say. They censor any and all things that “THEY” don’t agree with. Simply put, don’t believe everything you see on their web site and opinions, because if they don’t agree, it doesn’t get published.

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