The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

Travelling in many countries in Europe gave me the privilege to see with my own eyes the revolution online gaming brought to the gambling industry. People that would never walk into a betting shop or a local casino, even if their life depended on this, now can and do enjoy sports betting, sports investing or casino games from their home.

Playing from home, you can control your money spending and the time you spend gambling. Furthermore, you don’t have to smell the cigar of the player next to you or see the sour face of the old lady seated next to you in the blackjack table who believes that you ruined her hand because you drew another card.

Betting on sports from home, you can sit relaxed on your sofa, watching the game. If your bet is not going well, you can pick up your smartphone and place a bet online in live betting, without having to run to the cashier, wait at the queue and watch the game with other people with whom you only share the fact that you bet for the same game.

The Bad

Luxurious land based casinos are now a myth. Once upon a time, it was supposed that you should have to wear a tuxedo in order to visit a land based casino and the atmosphere should remind you of a James Bond film or a noire American movie. However, in 2019, what you see in most casinos is low level customers, usually tourists and addicted people.

The casino owners, at least, still take care of the looks inside and outside their business but I believe that they have taken several steps back in order to earn money. So the “Play as you are” motto is finally, not only for the online players but also for the land based ones, as you casually meet players with Hawaiian shirts and flip flops.

The Ugly

Every time that I am walking outside a betting shop I have a feeling that I am walking outside a place where somebody directed a horror movie in. Especially in the UK, most of the shops look abandoned and the last time somebody cleaned them was probably when they opened. Dirty windows, dirty floors, and most of the times, dirty customers.

I have a feeling that the operators, feeling secure about their profit, are not investing a single penny to upgrade the services. Of course, there are countries, where you can have really VIP services in a betting shop, but the feeling remains the same.

“Something ugly is happening in there!”.  

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