Yellow Big Brother in UD Las Palmas

How do you ensure that a football player is following the club’s restriction rules about his nightlife? You just hire some detectives to watch them! Many clubs would have done this tempting thought, but only the Spanish UD Las Palmas dared to do this and officially announced it!

Miguel Angel Ramirez, UD Las Palmas president, claims he controls everything in the club. He’s personally running the finance, the squad’s schedule, the transfers… And also the private life of his players. He said that he made the decision to hire not one, but three (!) private investigators to grab information about the players’ fun habits.

The first result of this move has arrived just some days ago. The 29-year-old midfielder Pedro Tanausu Dominguez Placeres, commonly known as Tana, has been suspended for disciplinary reasons. Ramirez admitted he received several reports from these three detectives, who informed him about the player’s disciplinary faults. For example, he says he has some photos of Tana dancing and drinking in one of the city’s most prestigious night clubs. His contract was terminated by the club’s board decision due to a disciplinary character.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the capital city of the Islas Canarias autonomous community, an archipelago located in middle Atlantic off the African shore, is a famous tourist worldwide destination. The city is also famous about the nightlife, and this is a temptation few football players can avoid.

Ramirez said this behavior affects directly the player’s professional attitude, so he has every right to punish him, according to the contract he’s signed. He also said that this move is not focusing on this specific player, as the three detectives are investigating all players.

This revelation causes a lot of upheaval among the players, who claim they’ve not been informed about the club’s methods of investigating their private life. Some of them said that they feel like being watched by “El Gran Hermano Amarillo”, the yellow Big Brother, joking about the TV reality show, which is popular in many European countries. Yellow is the main color of UD Las Palmas jersey.

Meanwhile Tana, who is a Las Palmas native, said that he’s going to sue the club if they insist of cutting his contract down because of his nightlife behavior. Tana played in UD Las Palmas since 2012 and this club was the only professional he played at. Now he has to move around in order to continue playing football.

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