Young goalkeeper jumps from misery to success within days

“Never stop chasing your dreams”. This multi-used motto couldn’t find a better match than Carlos Galindo, a 20-year-old Mexican goalkeeper, who saw his childhood dream come true last week. Galindo signed his first professional football contract with club Tigres UANL and made his official debut at the match vs. Toluca. He couldn’t guide his team to victory (actually his team lost 3-2), but the conjunctures were too many to be ignored.

Less than one month ago, Galindo was a desperate man. Hope of being a starting goalkeeper for Tigres was diminishing all the way, despite the fact that last season he made six appearances in the U20 level. He joined the senior team’s preparation back in June, but at the month’s end he was notified by the administration that his contract won’t be renewed. So, he was released from the club.

Galindo was shocked to hear the news, and in the same evening he made a sarcastic Facebook post: Animation figure Squidward Tentacles in front of a grave inscripted “sueño de ser futbolista professional”, dream of being a professional football player. He was so disappointed that he sincerely thought about giving up his professional career.

One month later, Galindo didn’t find a professional contract elsewhere. He had contacts with both the Club Atlas and Club Deportivo Oro, which was his two teams before joining Tigres UANL back in 2018. Actually, he started his career joining Club Atlas youth academy in 2015 and in 2017 he was transferred to Club Deportivo Oro, then competing in 3rd division.

This bad break proved to be an avenue to success, as Tigres UANL suffered one of the most freaklish series of goalkeeper losses in club’s history. Senior club goalkeepers Nahuel Guzman and Miguel Ortega were tested positive in COVID-19 virus and were put into 14-day quarantine, missing all practice and games.

Brazilian coach Tuca Feretti turned to the U20 team to temporarily fill the gap, but there was another shock waiting for him: In two days’ time both goalkeepers, Aaron Flores and Arturo Delgado, were injured and were ruled out from the match vs. Toluca.

 Instead of confiding the goalkeeper post to a child (U17 team’s goalkeeper Zahir Garcia has not been 16 years old yet) Feretti thought of giving Carlos Galindo a chance. Galindo has been immediately called to sign a two-year contract and get ready for his first professional match. From a forgotten and thrown out 5th choice he saw thing turning upside down in just a few days.

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