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3 Simple Strategies for Making Money with In-Play Horse Racing

In-play better is a popular offer for traders who take advantage of amateur gamblers and slow internet connections, often with as many as 20% of all bets reported to take place after the race has started. There are potential issues with betting this way, but if you know how to steer the odds in your favour, it can be a great way of earning a profit. Here are three strategies for making a profit with in-play betting on horse races. Picks for the ITV 7 races are always good to get hold of.

Back to Lay

The most commonly used in-play betting strategy is to back the horse at a high price before laying it in-running. So, if you choose to bet a £10 stake on a horse at 4/1 and lay it for £20 at 6/4 in play, you’d make a £10 profit irrespective of the outcome. A tip to make this strategy work for you is to look at horses before the ‘off’ while they’re in the parade ring as you’ll often notice a horse that looks more energetic and is at the front of the group. This horse often takes an early lead so if you back it at that point and it takes the lead, the price will shorten. Look at previous running form of different horses and also take a horse’s running history into account when you’re using this method of betting, as you might be able to spot patterns. 

Lay the Field

This strategy is for a particular kind of race compared to individual selection and involves laying every runner in the race, with the goal of laying several selections in order to make a profit. In order for this strategy to work, you need a specific number of runners to trade at the target price to succeed, which will depend on the odds you lay at. For example, if you lay the field at 9/10, you will need two or more horses to meet your target price in order to win a profit. For odds of 3/1 you will need four selections. The lower the price you lay at, the few horses you will need to meet a breakeven point. Handicap races with ten or more runners are perfect for this strategy. 

Pre-Race Scalping

Pre-race scalping enables you to make small profits quickly if it’s done correctly and it’s also the simplest strategy of the three to learn. However, it does require discipline. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is trying to use this strategy in every race but with so many races in a day, the losses can quickly mount up. For greater results, look for markets with a higher volume of matched bets and then place two opposing bets against one another, ideally only one or two ticks apart. For example, you can place a back bet at certain odds and then once the horse’s lay bet falls below that, you can cash out and take the profit. 

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