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AllFreeChips provides you an exciting online casino community. Enjoy free promotions and exclusive offers on various casinos.

If the site is updated

Despite the lack of information regarding the time of updates on the website, it seems that it is updated multiple time per day. Majority of updates are new information about available bonuses, with online casinos and slots reviews filling up the rest.

Special offers

No pop-ups with special offers or something like this, but was created with them in mind, so a visitor to the site is bombarded with them left, right and centre. After loading the site Top Casinos For Your Location bar is very visible and it includes bonuses information. And it’s just only the beginning.

If the user experience is good

AllFreeChips have a lot of valuable content on its website. Providing bonuses doesn’t take much work, but writing a decent review does. And its reviews which we find the most valuable here. Especially the ones which have additional comments provided by members of nearly 30k size community on this website.

If it is modern

Probably the biggest weakness of The website definitely isn’t modern and we found fonts and texts to be a little less visible than we would prefer. Of course, there’s always a chance we just need stronger glasses, but visibility at the website isn’t one of its strongest points.

In our opinion, the website actually looks better on mobile devices, maybe we are just fans of white and not a black background. The Search function works well in both these cases.

If it is social media friendly has a very active Twitter with multiple updates per day. If you want to be well informed on casinos and slots special offers from around the internet world, subscribing to @Allfreechips is definitely recommended.

Facebook doesn’t have such a high activity, but it’s updated frequently enough, usually when there’s a new review uploaded. There’s also a Youtube channel, but unfortunately, updates stopped there seven years ago.

If banner positions are good

The situation regarding banners is a little bit unclear. There is no mention anywhere on the website about banners and advertising. But we found a few banners in the section Casino Bonuses, so at least we know it’s a possibility to place them. But it seems they are quite low on the website’s priority list.

Final score (4.3) ♠♠♠♠ provide you with a massive amount of information on online casinos and slots. It’s difficult to find a negative regarding its content and with very active Twitter feed follower of AllFreeChips really should be well informed. Content presentation on the website is probably our biggest complaint here, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from visiting the website anyway.

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Germany, United States, Poland

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