Year of establishment

2017 (November)

Bojoko works like an Airbnb for online casinos. Casinos are able to list themselves on Bojoko and this way have better control over their brand and affiliate marketing. is developing tools for both online casinos and players. With them, players can select and stay informed about their preferred online casinos easily. Casinos, on the other hand, use their Bojoko tools to take advantage of valuable casino traffic.  

If the site is updated

Yes, it is, although it’s difficult to say how frequent the updates are. We can only guess that they have to be done at least once per month, as Top Picks for April (and hopefully May, June, etc…) is a main section on the website.

But updates done by the staff should only be a part of the game at Bojoko. They are also expected to be provided by the website’s registered members, who based on their experience with casinos can offer their opinion and reviews. Unfortunately, they are very rarely posted. We can assume that a number of registered members have still to be really low.

Special offers

One of the Bojoko goals is to provide customers with the correct information on casinos and slots before they make a decision to visit one. It can’t be done without analysing and reviewing special offers and we can say that they are a major part of the website. Various filters used by the website help with searching through offers and promotions.

If the user experience is good

Everything works well and there’s a lot of valuable information offered here. But things would be looking so much better, if Bojoko was attracting more members, who consequently could provide more reviews following their casino and slot experiences.

If it is modern

The Website looks and works well, same goes for its mobile version. Registration also worked well for us. The website does a good job balancing a professional look with a little bit lightheartedness added on top of it.

If it is social media friendly has Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, with the latter enjoying a semi-regular activity in 2019.

If banner positions are good

It seems Bojoko doesn’t care much about banners, as we could not find any of them there. But, probably they could find a free space to place a banners.

Final score (4) ♠♠♠♠ is a solid resource for players who wants to gain information about casinos and slots offers. We wish Bojoko to fulfill its full potential and increase membership number, as a shortage of members independent reviews significantly hurt overall grade.

Main traffic markets


Preferred business model

Affiliate marketing via tracking links and selling of top picks positions.

Contact details

Affiliate’s Name: Bojoko

Company Website:

Company Facebook:

Company Instagram:

Company Linkedin:

Contact of affiliate manager: Joonas Karhu,


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