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Casino Professor is one of the few multi-language casino reviewing websites. Reviews, information and data are provided in four other languages apart from English: Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish. A team of multiple nationalities partners work to inform and review. They also actively encourage players to share positive and negative feedback in their reviews, as they try to keep their opinions balanced.

If the site is updated

In every multi-language website the first you check is whether the English version is more complete than the others. That doesn’t exist in Casino Professor, as all English language articles have their equivalent in every other as well. There’s accurate information (although not so plenty) for non-English readers in the “Insider” section, where a user can choose between “Guides” and “Articles”. There you can have access to some useful tips.

The main review section is divided into three sub-sections: Casino Sites, Casino Bonuses and Free Spins. In Casino Sites users find useful information for choosing the right casino and advice about how to start gambling online. As an online casino comparison site, Casino Professor offers filter tools based on a variety of criteria – such as bonus sizes, types of offers, payment options and more – to create tailored options for visitors.

Special offers

The “Casino Bonus” and “Free Spin” pages contain reviews about many online casinos but also useful tips explaining the various bonuses and other casino offers. The websites are presented in a convenient way, you can see the first eight and with the option “Load More” you can see all of them. There are various options to choose from “Сategories”, “Deposit” and “No Deposit” sections, so you can create your own list of preferable online casinos (i.e. categories: Best Live Casinos, Bitcoin Casinos, Mobile Casinos, New Casinos and Paypal Casinos).

If the user experience is good

Casino Professor is really fitting the description “casino comparison website”. You can find up-to-date information and a lot of tools, which make the comparison simpler, easier and, eventually, more effective. You can find what you need in a short time without a lot of clicks. The most popular online casinos worldwide are present, but I’d rather like an expanded version, containing more than the present 25. Furthermore, there’s no indication whether the top casinos appearing on the top of the page are the recommended ones or the first added to the website.

If it is modern

Casino Professor has a stylized old man cartoon as a main figure, trying to combine fun with professional attitude. Website appearance is not the most modern I’ve bumped into, but that’s not disturbing in site touring and exploring. 

If it is social media friendly

Casino Professor is active on social media channels with regular streams of online casino in both English and Finnish. However, the tweets are not so regular and there’s no Facebook account. The Youtube videos in Finnish language is a big plus.

If banner positions are good

Casino Professor locates special big banners among articles and guides. There are plenty of them in every article.

Final score (4,7) ♠♠♠♠

If you’re searching for a website, where you can do all the comparison you need on top-class worldwide casinos, Casino Professor is the place you should visit. There’s a lot accurate and updated information, but you can also find hints and tips to choose the suitable online casino for your needs. They need some more casino reviews to be the ideal place, but it’s obvious they’re working the right way.

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