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Having only launched in 2019, this is one of the newer information portals within the online gambling industry. While it lacks the history of its more established counterparts that should not necessarily be considered too heavily when assessing the overall value proposition of the platform. CasinoAward is presented as an all-round guide to the world of online casinos. It’s more suited to newbies trying to understand “where to start” rather than users who are already familiar with the gaming industry.

Despite its tender age, the site is already showing signs of maturity by tackling some important topics that many other portals tend to shy away from. These include multiple pages dedicated to responsible gaming which serve as a resource to help players. Also, it has launched its own environmental ‘challenge’ initiative to help raise awareness regarding the importance of using renewable energy within the gaming sector. 

If the site is updated

Given how recently this site was launched, it is up-to-date by definition. The content currently available, although not yet present in the quantities found on rival portals which have been running for many years, is sufficient enough to cover a range of important themes. 

The site is divided into three macro-sections: one is dedicated to providing information on ‘how and where to play’. This includes guides for beginners, bonus lists with explanations on how they work, reviews of some of the best-known casinos and some slots machines. There is also information on the basic rules and strategies of classic games such as blackjack and roulette. Updates in this section, with the exception of bonus lists when required, are not on the agenda. 

The ‘News’ section is dedicated to the latest news from the online gaming sector (this can be classified as a blog in its own right within the portal). The third segment is all about the ‘Latest Offers’. It is a collection of dedicated articles relating to the types of promotions that are available to many players. These include various bonuses, special offers and VIP programs. These two areas of the site are updated on a more frequent basis.

Special offers

Here comes the strong point. CasinoAward divides offers by country. A visitor to the site is able to access a general list of the latest casino bonuses and promotions, and for each of them, they can immediately see which countries are eligible for the given offers.

It is also possible to ‘filter’ the results shown using a simple drop-down menu to quickly select your country of interest, as long as it is present among the ten markets currently covered by the portal.

Site users interested in learning about the latest offers can find a large selection of welcome bonuses, special promotions that offer free spins, and information on the loyalty programs of some of the most famous international operators.

If the user experience is good

The site has a positive user experience rating. Navigation is simple and intuitive. The smart usage of content filtering systems allows the visitor, through a convenient slider and based on the country from which they connect, to only view the parts of the page which are of interest to them.

The same system displays warnings if a user is viewing content that is not relevant based on their country of origin whilst simultaneously providing suggestions for redirecting them to an area of the website which aligns with both the type of content they are seeking and their region.

Filtering can be activated not only within a single page but also throughout the entire site via a button located in the main menu. This remains active all the while the visitor is on the website regardless of the number of pages they choose to view. 

With this system, a visitor can read the content of each page, or concentrate only on the parts that are most relevant to them. A practical example concerns casino reviews: general operator information is enriched with tables containing the list of bonuses offered for the different markets. If the user decides to filter the content of the review, all irrelevant table rows are discarded. 

Furthermore, each document has a retractable ‘Table of Contents’ positioned at the top of the page, so the user can quickly and efficiently access the topic of greatest interest.

All resources on are available without the need for registering an account.

If it’s modern

More than modern, it can be defined as ‘simple and clean’. The owners have achieved their aim of developing a site that has a recognised flow of information and is easy to read. It gives the utmost importance to the core content without the use of graphic artifices for the sole purpose of attracting attention.

Everything is well-positioned, neat and tidy. The user interface makes reference to the world of gambling and casinos but without exaggeration, thus leaving the images used in full view. We wondered why the ‘spades’ logo the site has chosen is red instead of black, but maybe this is its way to highlight the originality of the platform.

The simplicity of the design makes this site very pleasant to navigate via a tablet or smartphone. But above all, it makes it fast: the loading of the pages is very quick which is ideal for users with slower connection speeds.

All this gives a general feeling of ​​credibility and trust, which is very important for a website that deals with gambling-related topics.

If it’s social media friendly

Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that the portal has a presence on the major social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter. No, in the sense that the number of posts and followers is still quite low, but this is inevitable given the young age of the site.

If banner positions are good

The site has a few banners which are strategically positioned so as not to detriment the visitor’s engagement with the content they are viewing. This is not a portal that has been created to be stuffed with promotional advertising, but to provide ideas and call to action buttons for users only where it is relevant.

Final Score (4.5) ♠♠♠♠

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