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“Every great accomplishment begins with a dream”! This is the main efirbet.com motto, which is exactly what happened to this website. Project manager Atanas Tanev launched efirbet.com back in 2015 and focused on unbiased gambling website reviews.  After a period of five years the website established itself as one of the premium sources of information, especially when it comes to African and Asian countries.

If the site is updated

As efirbet.com is counting on providing reliable information about bookmakers, they get as more online bookmakers reviews as possible. That’s exactly what they try to do.

The “Bookmakers” section contains reviews from more than 170 bookmakers operating worldwide.  The reviews can be accessed by a lot of lists, which are easy to access according to the visitors most popular searches. For example, instead of looking in the main list for online bookmakers accepting Bitcon, you can simply visit the “bookmakers Accepting Bitcoin” sub-section, where all of these are gathered together. You can also visit “Top Bookmakers by country”, “Bookmakers with Cash Out”, “Betting Exchanges”, “Popular Bookmakers”, even “Blacklisted Bookmakers”.

The “Casinos” section contains reviews about more than 100 casinos. The presentation way is the same: specific lists with specific characteristics, from “Casino Games” to “Licenced Casinos” and from “Mobile Casinos” to “Casinos blacklist”.

The reviews are fully detailed. Based on numeric data and short paragraphs of text, they give thorough information about the online bookmaker or casino. There’s nothing you could ask for an online bookmakers and couldn’t find there. There is also detailed information about posting the bonus codes, how to make a successful cash out (with screenshots) etc.

The “Mobile Betting” section has three sub-sections: Android Apps, iOS apps and Mobile versions.  Each of them contains more than 100 different betting apps, in total there are more than 160 mobile applications reviews.

The “Betting school” section shows the administrators combined experience. Apart from the “Payment methods” sub-section, there are interesting articles about strategies and general betting guide. This provides useful information to beginners, as long as experienced members of the betting community.

The “Predictions” section is not a section by its own. It’s rather an advertising of the website’s tips service, provided on betenemy.com Facebook page and Twitter account. Of course there are a series of theory articles about predictions. There’s also a section about “Virtual Betting”.

Special offers

The “Bonuses” section is present to the main menu (on the preferential upper left side) and is working exactly as the other sections: list of bookmakers providing specific bonuses and offers. There are more than 200 bonuses to find and choose from, organized in sub-sections such as “latest promos”, “no deposit bonuses”, “offers with no bonus codes”, “reload bonuses”, “offers for loyal customers”, “Welcome offers”, “VIP offers” etc.

If the user experience is good

Efirbet.com is not a jiggling website, that’s for sure. They really take their job seriously. The information provided is of high quality and everybody understands that some tireless work has been done over the years.  In my opinion, the “comparison” section is the big plus. You can place different bookmakers head-to-head and compare them at a glance.

If it’s modern

Launched in 2015, efirbet.com is modern designed and it doesn’t need to change. The most impressive fact about modernity is the multi-language versions. The website is available to no less than 27 (!) different languages including Arabic, Swahili, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and most European ones. This is quite impressive, as the translation is nearly accurate.

If it’s social media friendly

They’re really social-media active. The Facebook page and Twitter account are dedicated to host the team’s predictions. The numbers are not impressive, but they count on quality. There are also accounts on Instagram, Pinterest and a Linkedin profile.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists and the reviews about bonuses, efirbet.com has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,5) ♠♠♠♠

One of the most reliable sources you can find. There are many websites like this, but you can seldom find a comparison section, where you can make your own decisions.

Affiliate’s name:  WEBSA LTD

Website: https://efirbet.com/en/

Year of establishment: 2016

Main traffic markets: EU, Africa, Asia

Preferred business model: Affiliation

Contact of affiliate manager: support@efirbet.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Efirbetcom-101296841676966/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/efirbetcom/ 

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/efirbetcom

Pinterest profile: https://www.pinterest.com/efirbet/

LinkedIn profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/efirbet

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