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2014 is not trying at all to convince you that as a gambling website it deserves to be named this way. A group of experts have decided back in 2014 to establish a post, where they could provide accurate information and advice for every aspect of gambling, such as casinos, sportsbooks, poker and bingo websites. The result is quite impressive: A fully professional site, a well-organized structure and a huge content, including everything you’d like to know about gambling not only in the UK, but globally. 

If the site is updated

The main menu (presented laterally and not horizontally as usual) has two main categories, “Online Slots” and “Sports Betting”. Each of them contains a number of sub-menus. There are lists about Real Money Casinos and Do Deposit Bonus Casinos, a huge list of Mobile Apps and Free Games. There are also Help Guides with a lot of helpful articles, Website Reviews containing a lot of analytic reviews about all casinos presented and country guides about casino gambling in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany.

The Sports Betting section has almost same sub-categories. There are also Mobile Apps, Help Guides, Website Reviews and Country Guides. There’s also a Blog Site section, containing expert articles about latest news and views of the gambling industry. 

The “Free Games” section is full of reviews and contains a helpful guide about why to try Free Games before deciding which casino website suits you. The “Help Guides” section is further divided into topic categories (such as Strategy, History, Books, Scams etc.) to find what you are looking for easily and quickly.

Special offers  is not dedicated especially to bonuses and free bets, but acknowledges that these are basic info for everyone seeking information about casino and sportsbook websites. Both main sections contain lists about offers an bonuses. In the “Sports Betting” section there are “No Deposit Bonus”, “Fast Payouts” and “Real Money”  lists. Along with the proportionate sections in the “Online Slots” category, they provide lots of online websites for all casino and sportsbook enthusiasts.

If the user experience is good

With your first visit you feel like being part of the story. That’s perhaps because the website administrators seek an interactive relationship with their visitors. They encourage all punter to send enquiries, give feedback or even report a company. There’s an impressive counter in the upper right of the front page, counting gamblers that have been served since 2014, with more than 2 million clicks. The structure is fully professional, the black-white main colors give a sense of staidness.

If it’s modern

Well, you cannot say that this is modern or old-fashioned. The truth is that is really different from other websites containing information about casinos and sportsbooks. The main innovation is that the main menu is lateral (although there are some buttons leading to the various main sections. The front page focuses on giving the visitor full access to all content and not providing raw information with jiggling banners from casinos and slots. The Gambling Blogs section is preceding the “Best Gambling Sites” section. This does mean that they’re not just a casino-adversiting website, but they really care to provide accurate information.

If it’s social media friendly

Actually, they don’t seem to care much about attracting an audience through social media accounts. There are active accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but they all are of minimal presence. They should try this in the near future, though.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the betting lists and the reviews, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,6) ♠♠♠♠  is a very impressive effort. The content is sufficient to be compared with the leaders of the casino/sportsbook review websites globally. They’re giving reliable information about all aspects of gambling mainly in English-speaking countries. This group of experts has done a very good job so far, and there are some insignificant details to improve. 

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