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Gamblers Pro provides honest casino reviews, how-to-play guides, game strategy articles, and free slot machines for online gamblers.

If the site is updated

With the website lacking any information about updates, we looked for it at Gambler Pro’s twitter account. Based on posts there it seems the only updates we can expect are the football tips for the English Premier League. However, since we were doing this review during summer break, it’s difficult to predict exactly how often they will be published.

Special offers

This is actually one of the strongest points of Gamblers Pro. The website doesn’t have Special Offers by itself but all reviews include information about it, as well as direct ‘Claim Bonus’ link.

It seems to be working well for Slots, Card Games and Table Games but it’s a bit of mess for Sports Betting. Not only Gamblers Pro has only one review in this section (Bet365) but also somehow offers Bonus from Betsafe as a part of that review. Even ‘bet365.com/join’ link leads to the Betsafe’s website. 

If the user experience is good

It’s quite disappointing for us, but we have to say “No”. Why? Because the Gamblers Pro website has the potential to be at least decent, but in reality doesn’t offer enough content and it’s also quite messy.

There are many things which need to be done better. First, we thought the website doesn’t even have ‘Search’ function, which would be a big issue since at the same time it lacks a proper menu to inform about updates. Imagine our shock, when we actually found a ‘Search” function… only after trying some link, which didn’t work and lead us to ‘Oops! That page can’t be found’ announcement. Despite our best efforts, we weren’t able to find a ‘Search’ function in any other way.

If a visitor doesn’t use Gambler Pro’s twitter account it’s impossible to find many articles published there, because they are buried under links or catalogues which on the surface don’t exist.

Also, for the website created in 2016, there is just not enough content available. Reviews and guides, when done and published, are of acceptable quality but there’s just not enough of them. And having a ‘Sports’ section, with one review available (which on top of it leads to a wrong bonus link) it’s just a terrible, terrible perspective. Doing a preview of 2019/2020 English Premier League season from sports betting perspective and not mentioning odds for chosen picks doesn’t seem much better either.

If it is modern

The website itself is looking professionally and gives a vibe of a serious and valuable source of information… at least until you start to dig deeper.

If it is social media friendly

Gambler Pro uses Twitter and Facebook for updates. However, they are not posted frequently and just like the website itself, give a perception of half-hearted effort to run it. 

If banner positions are good

Gamblerspro.com doesn’t show any interest in placing banners.

Final score (3,0) ♠♠♠

The website looks nice and clean, and there’s some content there, which is valuable. However, there are too many holes to overlook it, even if some of them are easily fixable. Based on our past reviews, Gamblers Pro doesn’t offer much competition to websites with similar content we had a chance to review.

Main traffic markets

USA, UK, Canada, Australia

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Contact details

Affiliate’s name: Gamblers Pro

Company Website: https://gamblerspro.com

Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamblerspro1

Company Facebook: https://facebook.com/gamblers.pro.750

Contact of Affiliate Manager: Leon – gamblerspro@gmail.com 

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