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2018 is the ultimate platform when it comes to gambling websites comparison. Based on innovated software, which allows instant comparison of various websites with a lot of filters, it’s a powerful weapon for the visitor and gambling enthusiast, who would like to list websites side by side and make the right decision about the gambling site (for casino, betting or poker) which suits his needs. This custom made comparison, along with the plurality of websites available, is a transparency credential, which is not found in other websites.

If the site is updated

The website has a minimal main menu, but great depth. There are three main categories, “Casino”, “Betting” and “Poker”. Every single of them is furtherly divide into sub-menus, according to most popular search by visitors. For example, you can search new casinos, live casinos, big brand casinos, paypal casinos, bitcoin casinos, latest casino bonuses and instant withdrawal casinos. You can also check a series of articles about casino games tactics and tips in “Casino guides” sub-menu, or have a look at “Casino Games”, where you can find an analytical description of the most popular of them.

The Betting section is divided in three sub-menus: “Best Betting Sites”, “Betting Guides” and “Betting Apps” for mobile phone users. The Poker section has also three sub-menus: “Real Money Poker”, “Free Poker Sites” and “Poker Guides”.

Every list is shorted according to the administrator’s criteria. You can read the detailed review about all websites, but as a default choice you can visit only those who operate legally in your country or area (according to your connection IP).  

The comparison procedure is an exciting one. You can filter the websites by country of operation, languages, games, deposit methods, withdrawal methods, game providers, licences, withdrawal limits, you name it! You can make more than a thousand combination to find your really favorite gambling website.  

Special offers is not a bonus-oriented website. Apart from the “Best Casino Bonuses” sub-menu, there’s no other list referring to bonus. However, there’s a special offer to the users and it’s called “comparator”. Through the link you can compare up to three gambling websites side by side! The comparison is complete, as all details are presented, and that’s a unique service, it’s the first time I bump into something like this. There’s also a traffic measurement tool, which is extremely crucial for the visitor to understand each gambling website’s popularity.

If the user experience is good

Well, I spent about an hour only testing the comparison filters! It’s really addictive to set the filters and compare all known websites. Even if you’re an experienced gambler and have tried to open an account to many casinos or betting sites, I surely recommend to try this one. You’ll find out details that you’ve never imagined. The website’s structure is simple, but this is another plus. When they increase the numbers of gambling websites (especially betting sites and poker), they should be the leading comparison platform globally.

If it’s modern

Launched in 2018, functions like a truly modern websites. No frames, no lateral menus, a minimal approach in menus, but a lot of quality content. If they continue this way, they really don’t need to change something in the near future.

If it’s social media friendly

Actually, they don’t seem to care about attracting an audience through social media accounts. There’s no presence on Facebook, Twitter or any other of popular social media. They should try this in the near future, though, as especially the comparator service could become extremely popular and reach an expanded audience.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the betting lists and the reviews, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,7) ♠♠♠♠

A visit to is really worthy, even if you’re not interested now in finding a new casino or betting website. The comparison procedure is one of the best I’ve reviewed, perfectly comprehensible. The ranking is fair, the content is of high quality. 

Affiliate’s name: Gamblescope


Main traffic markets: USA, UK 

Preferred business model:  CPA, Revenue Share

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