How to Stop a Sports Betting Addiction

Is having a wager on your favorite team now and then a sign of a sports betting addiction? Probably not. Most gamblers feel the irresistible urge to venture further down the path to recoup losses previously made, but there IS a line you should not cross. Some people lose their previous winnings in bad bets because the urge to bet is stronger than the urge to win. When this happens, you should be concerned. Experts at Gclub also warn against this.

Signs of Gambling addiction

The following are some signs of a sports betting addiction.

When Life Revolves Around Gambling

When a person’s life begins revolving around gambling, there is a significant cause for concern. An addict’s life becomes about finding money to make the next bet. Everything else takes backstage, including job, family, reputation, and health.

When You Gamble With Money You Cannot Afford to Lose

Problem gamblers do not stop with “some loose change” set aside for betting. Gambling addicts start using money set aside for other purposes, like paying utilities, savings, and school or college fees to feed the addiction urges.


People suffering from gambling addiction will steal and lie to lay their hands on money to place the next bet. Money in the home, set aside for different bills, starts mysteriously disappearing. It can even deteriorate to a situation where the gambling addict sinks into crime and fraud. The situation typically begins to cause friction within the home, too.

Increased Betting

Like a drug addict or an alcoholic, gambling addicts constantly increase their “dose” to enjoy it. They bet more and more money, and more frequently, searching for the rush. The more they bet, the more they lose.

How to Stop the Addiction

Stopping something you enjoy can be challenging. When it becomes the root of your problems, though, it is time to put a stop to it.

These are some ways to stop a sports betting addiction:

1. Acknowledge the Source of Your Addiction

The first step in stopping any addiction is acknowledging you have a problem. Examine your life and achievements during your period of addiction. How does it look?

2. Avoid Triggers

Identify the triggers that lead to betting. It may be a friend, a betting shop, money, boredom, or anything else that triggers your urges. Find something that will keep you distracted and busy. For example, if the money in your pocket drives you to bet, limit your access to cash.

3. Set Goals

Set some goals to achieve once you stop sports betting or a list of reasons that made you decide to stop gambling. For example:

  • I will have more money for a long-overdue holiday.
  • I will be free from debt.
  • My family will be proud.
  • I will be able to pay my bills.
  • I will begin saving towards a better future.

4. Stay Away

Avoiding betting is going to be challenging once you decide to stop. You must fill the time you spent on betting by doing something more meaningful. Pick up a sport or revive a hobby, for example.

5. Make a Decision

The decision to stop gambling is yours. You may want to keep in mind the problems betting has caused you, but don’t look back. Imagine a picture of a betting-free future and focus on it.

Make That Step

A betting addiction cannot be shed overnight. It needs time, dedication, and the utmost support from friends and family. Once you beat the addiction, you will start living a better life. Get help today.

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