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How Has Bingo Modernized?

Bingo is one of the oldest games in the world. It was well established in the 1700s according to Britannica, yet it is still as popular today as it was over the course of the last few centuries. How has bingo retained this popularity – and how is it attracting modern audiences to ensure this popularity remains in the future?

Bingo’s first step to cementing its place in society was to appeal to a wider range of audiences, such as younger people who might not typically have considered playing the game. As such, including the game at large-scale events has gone some length to achieve this. Bingo is used for charity fundraisers, at hen parties, for corporate events, and even as a team-building exercise. Bingo can be played in huge groups or smaller ones, and still has that same feeling of anticipation regardless of the number of players. This could be because, at its core, the game brings out the competitive spirit in people and creates an atmosphere of excitement.

Unlike other games, bingo can be played socially on a large scale. As our methods of socialization have evolved – from daytime to nighttime to online – we can also map how bingo has followed this trajectory too. Harrison Score of WDW Bingo points out that, “the enduring success of bingo as a beloved pastime lies in its sociability. Whether you’re a young person at a Bongo’s Bingo rave, a pensioner down the local bingo hall, or logged into a bingo chat room while playing online, you’re always experiencing the game with friends and acquaintances.”.

Indeed, bingo was adapted from a physical experience into one that could be played online, with positive results. The game’s success on digital platforms came from the willingness of developers to harness the positives of bingo and retain them while adding elements that could only be found online.

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Bingo’s biggest coup was appealing to a younger demographic. We’ve seen Rock and Roll Bingo games in bars, where numbers are replaced by songs. Keeping the chance aspect and adding the musical one helped add yet another element to the game. We’ve also seen the rise of drag queen bingo, which has been running since as long ago as the early 2000s according to Time. In this format, the drag queen bingo host puts on a show while calling the numbers.

For younger, night-out-centric audiences, Bongo’s Bingo turned a bingo game into a fully-fledged night out. By assimilating a fun and sociable experience with the game of bingo, younger audiences are more likely to see bingo in this positive and fun light going forwards. Having encountered this form of bingo, many people who otherwise might not have considered it became fans of the game.

Bingo’s shift through the ages has been impressive. Not only did it adapt perfectly to being played online, but the game also utilized popular culture to ensure it remained relevant. As tastes and trends change, bingo is likely to continue to remain popular.

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