How the Biggest Slot Jackpot Winners Used their Money

Slots are the most popular game in the casino. All across the world, millions of punters are spinning away online and in land-based platforms. The goal is to somehow hit the jackpot. There are a few lucky individuals who can boldly assert that they have been there and done that. They have taken a swipe at fate and came out on top. Have you ever wondered what they did with their newly found fortune? In this article, we will share with you how ordinary people took a chance and became instant millionaires and what they did with the money.

The Progressive Jackpot

Before looking at the winners, we need to understand how the best slots jackpot system works. How is it that a machine can put so much money up for grabs? There are different jackpots in the casino. The standard jackpots are hard-set from the manufacturer. It is very common to find a slot machine offering a few thousand pounds in a static jackpot. That number remains the same until some lucky fellow comes along and snatches it. If you have been to the casino, there is another type of bonus which seems to increase every minute. These are progressive jackpot slots. These machines can be standalone or linked to others on the floor.

You will find that some slot machines are connected to a central server, which collects a fraction of every bet made by each player in a pot. Since the online slots are played by millions of users from all corners of the globe, it is understandable why these jackpots manage to reach stratospheric figures. Online it is easy to find the list of the casinos with the best slots not on gamstop offering the highest jackpots to try and become the next lucky millionaire. So, let us look at the winners.

Jon Heywood

Jon was just 25 years old when he won over £13million playing slots games online. He got this fortune playing on Mega Moolah, the popular progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming. This massive total instantly catapulted Jon into the record books. This was the largest online jackpot total ever to fall on a single spin in an online slot machine game. Jon was a soldier who had already done a tour in Afghanistan. So what did he do with the money? Jon’s father has stage 2 heart and lung failure. While he could not use the money to secure a new heart for his father, Jon moved him to a nicer place where he could stay. Jon also gifted some money to his long-time friend Mike. He gave him a whooping £4million. Some money also went towards Jon’s new business. He now spends his time flipping houses.

Elmer Sherwin

Elmer was a WWII veteran who spent his time playing casino games. In 1989 when Elmer was 76 he won $4.6million, 10 hours after The Mirage opened to the public in Las Vegas. We know what you might be thinking. Well, what’s so special about that? Elmer’s story didn’t end there. At the ripe age of 92, he was at the Cannery Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. It is said that Elmer got a feeling that a particular machine was lucky. He proceeded to play on the machine and sure enough, he hit the Megabucks jackpot for the second time. This time it was a massive $21million. Elmer used his initial winnings in 1989 to do some travelling. When he hit the big one again, he felt it was time for philanthropy. He donated some funds to help the victims of Katrina and also assisted his son.

These are just some of the amazing stories of massive slots wins that have changed the lives of the winners and their loved ones. Some players choose to remain anonymous, so following up on what they did with the money is impossible. Like the LA software engineer who holds the record for the largest win in a slots game. The story goes that in 2003 this happy punter made a $100 wager on Megabucks. He was playing at Excalibur. What resulted was the biggest slot win in the history of Las Vegas. All we know about him is that he opted to receive his money in instalments, 25 in total. So since 2003, this guy has been collecting an annual cheque of $1,5million. From there, the story goes cold.

It is always awesome when you see jackpot winners use winnings in productive ways. The sad truth is that this is not always the case. On many occasions we have seen how getting a large sum of money too quickly can be the worst thing to ever happen. But that is a topic for another day.

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