– I noticed that your brands are only in Swedish. Based on the success that you have, are you interested in creating brands in other languages to penetrate more markets?

Niklas: Sweden is one of our key markets, however, we also operate in a number of other regions such as Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Germany and the UK. Raketech-owned TV guide family attracts users from 5 different countries with Sweden-targeted being the top player in the group. Our casino guides and comparison products, as well as sports betting communities have found numerous fan bases across Europe and we are now looking into expanding the reach of our most successful brands into new markets. A number of our key websites are listed at

We look at new markets to enter when we believe that one of our existing products can be easily adapted and work well in that market. For example we will review UK facing websites to see if they could work in other English language markets or we might decide to grow in Spain, and penetrate the market with a product type that we don’t have there today.

– Is social betting (sites that offer no money bets and give the ability to the winners to convert their points to real money) a viable future alternative for affiliate sites?

Niklas: The affiliate sector is constantly changing, and we never stop to innovate. Social betting and games is a good way to build an audience if you have a great product, however it might not be that easy to convert free users to people willing to spend. Being able to build a good product, gain a large number of users and then successfully monetize the product is key. Raketech follows the latest rules and trends in the market and, although we are currently not actively promoting social betting, we do not eliminate this type of product in the future.

– What is your relationship with operators, and which is the most popular cooperation model (% CPA, flat fee, hybrid)?

Niklas: We incorporate a data-driven model when it comes to both the company operations and pricing options. Our price models rely on various KPI’s, such as targeted markets or keywords, and they are always tailored individually to each client’s situation. Although every case is different, based on my experience I can say that being flexible is the key to successful and long-term partnerships, where two parties can benefit equally. 

– Do you believe that there is a big number of bonus hunters visiting your sites?

Niklas: Raketech has always focused on delivering quality content and keywords with the best value – we have prioritised quality over quantity since the very beginning. Ranking for free spins and bonuses can definitely generate a high volume of players, but the there is no real value in such audiences. Also, from the operators’ perspective, it’s a poor solution as most of the bonus hunters will only make a deposit to receive a promised bonus and then never use the operator’s services again. In this case neither the operator, nor Raketech benefit from it. We want to continue growing together with and for our partners – and we can only do it by providing high-quality traffic. For this reason, we aim to differentiate the type of content we offer to our users – not only limit it to endless bonus lists. Player bonuses are something users are likely to look out for but definitely not the ultimate factor for the choice of the operator.

The number of users looking for bonuses will depend hunters on the website, content and gambling operator we are promoting. A casino bonus website such as will feature more content more suited to people looking free spins and bonuses. While a sports community website such as will have more return users we can help reactive with quality sports content and betting tips. The audience for will be sports fans who have a much a broader interest and we can advertise mainstream products here.

– Do you believe that participating in all affiliate shows and exhibitions really makes a difference?

Niklas: I believe attending conferences to speak to partners and new people is really important. Having face-to-face meetings are extremely important and often neglected in favour of instant messaging, emails and the occasional phone call. We are all time deprived, but finding a moment to connect with partners and meet new potential clients in the real world can result in clearer, comprehensive and simply more human relationships. It is no different to everyday encounters – having a chance to meet and speak to each other away from the computer screen brings a natural interaction between people and helps us engage more in the discussed subject.  

– What is Raketech plans for next couple of years?

Niklas: We are focused on exploring new potential markets for further expansion, while continuing to deliver valuable traffic to our partners. The current product portfolio – the Core – will be regularly enhanced with new features, better optimised SEO content and improved user experience. Raketech’s innovation centre – the Lab – will remain one of the most strategic part of our business, where new products will invented and launched. Our future agenda is already full, but every-day operations will not change. Business as usual – following our ultimate team goal, we will be working together to shape the (better!) future of affiliation and driving compliance in the affiliate industry.

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