King Billy Casino. A success story.

By most conservative estimations, there are about 150 to 200 new online casinos launched every year, being added in a list of more than 5000 already active ones. Some of these casinos barely make it out of the gate. The vast majority experiences a short period of success (as players are always hungry for something new) and then plunges back into oblivion. However, a very few are here to stay.

An example of these few chosen ones? King Billy Online Casino, the prodigy child of the Direx N.V. casinos family, which, after acquiring its brand new MGA license, is ready to take Europe by storm, having enjoyed enormous success in the demanding markets of Canada, Australia and more.

Gamblers Post has been following King Billy’s phenomenal rise, since its inception, 3 years ago, drawn to “The Kingdom” by what also attracted players all over the world: a superb myth, coupled with easy and intuitive navigation. As a journalists portal we admit we enjoyed (and still do) the hilarious King Billy blog posts, but, of course, a real success story is more than blogs: it is a matter of all the elements aligning together.

One of the most vital elements? The King Billy Casino Affiliate program. There can be no first class online casino without a first class affiliate program, and King Billy is no exception. Actually, what is almost mind-boggling is the fact that the King Billy Casino Affiliate Program has already won 3 big industry distinctions, leapfrogging some of the mightiest players in the industry.

King Billy Affiliate Program Awards:

1. iGB Awards 2019 Best Casino Affiliate Program Winner
2. EGR Awards 2019 Best Casino Affiliate Program Shortlisted
3. SBC Awards 2019 Best Casino Affiliate Program Shortlisted

It is obvious that the King is doing something exceptionally well regarding his affiliates, which may justify the “traffic jam” we observed in front of the King Billy stand in LAC 2020 (of course, the King being there, in the flesh, announcing “we are very pleased!” helped too).

Furthermore, King Billy Casino is taking Customer Support as seriously as it gets. In an industry where customer support staff  turnover is among the highest, we notice that the casino’s support agents are following its rules and protocols (trying to be fast, friendly and humoring clients with their medieval addressing) as strictly now, as they did 3 years ago. Consistency is the mother of success.

One more area where casinos can follow in the steps of King Billy and benefit? Its gradual development by cautious steps. King Billy did not start with a “bang that leads to bankruptcy”, as many online casinos do, pursuing the easy buck. The launch of the casino was soft, the big name providers and the boutique ones were added slowly but surely, as were the more than 20 payment methods.

Moreover, King Billy excels in what is a plague for several casinos: marketing. The King Billy people are quick to offer new tactical promotions and everything is neat, well organized and easily understood by the player. Even now, during this dark coronavirus period we are going through, the casino has shown fast reflexes, by offering its “Stay-at-home” bonus to its players (illustrated by King Billy staying at home with an adorable pet dragon).

And last, but certainly not least, a casino is its people. The folks over there at King Billy Casino believe so much in the royal legend themselves, that even their job titles reflect this, with the CEO being the “First Lord”, the Head of Affiliates being the “Lord of Affiliates” etc. Wouldn’t you love to work in such a workplace?

So, are all the above, the ingredients for the casino’s recipe of success? The industry seems to unanimously agree, through awards. Apart from the Affiliate Program awards, mentioned earlier, King Billy has won 5 more distinctions in the most reputable award events of the industry:

King Billy non- Affiliate Program Awards:

1. AskGamblers 2020 Awards Best Casino Winner
2. SBC Awards 2019 Casino Rising Star Shortlisted
3. AskGamblers 2019 Awards Best Casino 3rd place
4. AskGamblers 2019 Awards Player’s Choice Casino 2nd place
5. AskGamblers 2018 Awards Best New Casino Winner

For King Billy Casino, one of the almost 200 new casinos of 2017, the odds to conquer them all were long. But its ruler’s name was longer: King Billy, First of His Name, Rightful Ruler of the Kingdom, Guardian of the Realm, Supreme Commander of the Royal Forces and Protector of the Players.

King Billy is a true success story, on a ride that doesn’t seem to slow down. So, we can’t help but add our voice to those of the casino’s people as they greet their King:

Long Live King Billy.

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