Most Popular Casino Games in Japan

Although gambling is technically illegal in Japan, the fact is that many Japanese people love to play casino games and do so whenever they like.

Yes, pachinko parlours operate throughout Japan yet people also love to use online casinos through foreign sites based in nations where gambling is legal. Learn more about the Japanese online casino scene at

In this article, we will take a look at the most popular casino games in Japan, taking a look at traditional pachinko as well as the Japanese love for slots, baccarat and blackjack.

So, without further ado, let’s take a close look at pachinko, by far Japan’s most popular gambling game.


Essentially, pachinko is a pinball-style game played all over Japan for many years. It has been said that pachinko is the equivalent in Japanese gambling of the slot machine in Western gambling.

Pachinko is played in purpose-built parlours and it can best be understood as a kind of pinball with gambling elements. Players put a ball into the game (like pinball) then they pull on a handle. Then, a spring shifts the ball into play where it must overcome a variety of obstacles such as flippers. The result of the game depends on where the ball finishes.

In Japan, games of chance are illegal and frowned upon. In pachinko however, the fact that players can time the drop of the ball to beat the machine is enough of a skilled element to make this beloved game legal!


In Japan, pachinko reigns supreme. Yet, it must be said that Western-style slots are making some serious inroads in Japan right now and many Japanese players use foreign sites to play these games.

Some of the most popular titles include Gonzo’s Quest and Rainbow Riches whilst anime-themed slots have also been taken to heart by the Japanese who continue their obsession with this unique cartoon format.


This super popular card game is really taking off in Japan as more and more people look to foreign online casino sites for their gambling needs. A simple card game, the Japanese have really learned to love Baccarat, which originated in France sometime in the 19th century where it was beloved by noblemen and royalty.


One of the world’s simplest and best-loved card games, blackjack is now becoming immensely popular throughout Japan. Players across the nation are heading to foreign online casino sites in order to fulfill their blackjack needs and challenge dealers to a game!

Perhaps it is the romance of a late-night round of blackjack that draws in Japanese players, or maybe it is just the fact that blackjack can be one of the most exciting and rewarding of all the classic casino card games.

Overall, it can be said that although online casino sites remain illegal for operation in Japan, many people continue to play through foreign sites. This means that online casino games are more popular than ever in the nation and this is something that shows no signs of stopping any time soon!

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