New Zealand Casinos Review

New Zealand Casinos is a website dedicated to providing useful information for casino game fans in New Zealand. The site is full of guides and tips to help you get the most out of your online casino experience.

The following review will cover everything has to offer, allowing you to easily navigate the website and find exactly what you’re looking for!

Website Sections Summary

There are seven tabs on the New Zealand Casinos homepage that split their guides into manageable sections. Each page is filled with lots of information on the topic displayed in an easy-to-read and user-friendly format. If you are looking for something specific, you can try typing it into the search section next to the page headers.

The sections found on New Zealand Casinos are as follows:

  • Online casino
  • Live casino
  • New casino
  • Casino bonus
  • Free spins
  • Pokies
  • All casinos

We’ll break down what each section has to offer below.

Online Casino Page

The first thing you will see on the online casino page is the top 15 NZ casinos ranked. Each platform has been ranked with a star rating and includes helpful information like the number of games available, the number of wagers required, licenses held by the casino, the minimum deposit amount, and the number of free spins you get.

The page also has several guides including how to find the best online pokies (video slot games) and a guide explaining what the term ‘house edge’ is.

Also, there is a guide that gives you tips on how to find a new casino. This section breaks down things to look out for and is great for beginners looking for a new platform. The criteria for good online casinos are also clearly stated further down the page to further help you understand what New Zealand Casinos value in their online casino platforms.

Other guides on this page include bonus requirements, deposits and withdrawals, and blacklisted casinos. Finally, there is a frequently asked questions section at the bottom that answers questions about age restrictions and legality.  

Live Casino Page

The live casino section kicks off with a top 15 live casinos segment. These casinos all feature a star rating to help rank them and make it easy for you to see how they compare. Other information that will allow you to easily choose which platform you would like to try next includes the number of games featured, wagering limits, licenses, deposit info, and free spins.

The next part of this page includes a section where the important features of a live casino are detailed. This is a very visual list of bullets that make for a great checklist when you are searching for your next platform. The advantages and disadvantages of live casinos are presented in a similar fashion and give further detail on the things you should look out for.

The games you can expect to find in a live casino are described in detail on this page. This is a great addition, particularly for people who aren’t as familiar with what live casinos have to offer. What’s more, the best live casino developers are also listed with a short description of what each is all about. 

The page is rounded off with sections bonuses, device requirements, and dealer games. There is also a short passage speculating on the future of live casinos and of course, a frequently asked questions section.

New Casinos Page

The page kicks off with a top 15 new casinos list in the same vein as the other top lists. Once again star ratings helpfully differentiate each casino and help you compare them. oTher information about games, deposits and withdrawals, and free spins can also be found here. 

Next, the advantages of new casinos are detailed to inform you of the benefits of looking for less-established platforms. There is a passage further down the page that then directly compares new casinos to these aforementioned more established online gambling platforms. 

New Zealand Casinos do a good job of being transparent. Their criteria for assessing online casinos are clearly stated allowing you to decide which parts you value most highly. 

Also on this page is a list of reputable providers, new features that should be looked for, and a review of new online casinos that have a no deposit bonus. These are all great features for newcomers to the online casino space. The page is rounded off with a frequently asked questions section.

Casino Bonus and Free Spins Pages

As with the previous pages, the casino bonus page begins with a ranked list of top casinos – this time ranked based on the quality of their bonuses. This is followed by a comprehensive explanation about how bonuses work and how they are claimed. New Zealand Casinos do a good job of making this easy to understand. 

Terms and conditions and wagering requirements are touched upon further down the page to give a more thorough explanation of everything you need to know about bonuses. The types of bonuses are each clarified with an FAQ section for any further queries. 

The free spins page is much the same as the casino bonus page with the topic obviously focussing on free spins this time. Once again, a very useful ranking helps users determine which online casinos should receive their attention. 

Online Pokies & Video Slots Page

This is the place to head if you’re interested in finding the best slot games available to play in New Zealand. The top casinos where you can play pokies are ranked and a guide to the best games is also available. If you’re new to pokies, the different types are all explained with everything you need to consider made clear also.

All Online Casinos Page

This last page is a comprehensive list of every New Zealand online casino found on all the previous pages on the website. New Zealand Casinos do an excellent job of organising data clearly and making information easily digestible to the reader. 


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