Nikolay BALETSKIY: continues to occupy a leading position in Ukraine

The chief editor of Nikolay Baletskiy spoke to Gamblers Post about biggest achievement and advantages of its resource, as well as shares objectives for the future.

– Please, tell us about your resource: when it appeared, how did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a sports format?

– Our resource was created in 2006. At the beginning of the 2000s, football in Ukraine became more and more popular. Along with the penetration of the Internet, the number of users for whom the format of receiving timely information via the network, and not just from print and TV media, was important, increased. It is quite logical that such a profile resource was claimed.

The fact that football was at the peak of popularity is also indicated with construction of new football arenas at this time: Donbass Arena and Dnipro Arena. Ukraine received Euro 2012. Therefore, the launch of a large profile site was only a matter of time. We managed to do it first and become market leaders.

– What year was a breakthrough for

– It is very simple. It was 2012, when Ukraine and Poland hosted Euro-2012. At that time, everyone fell in love with football. We can definitely say that that year was the peak of all Ukrainian football. And also for the site – we were set all attendance records.

– The site always has the latest information and news from the world of sports. How do you manage to be the first to keep track of all the events? Is there a large staff of journalists?

– We are a news resource, efficiency is important for us. For this reason, our readers love us. I will not reveal to you the secret of editorial work. Competition in the market is serious. We have a solid team that is doing everything to ensure that the resource continues to occupy a leading position not only among football resources, but also in sports media.

– The site presents an advertisement for popular sportsbooks; the resource is an active participant in the affiliate market of Ukraine. What advice can you give to beginners who want to do this business?

– If you are going to do this business, you must understand for yourself why you need it. You should have a clear vision of the project. Your resource must be trusted. It must have competitive and thematic competitive advantages. Only in this way it is possible to gain credibility among readers and gain loyalty. And of course you need a patience, because it is impossible to win an audience in a short period. The result of is the work of many people, whole generations of journalists and managers for many years.

– is one of the most successful sports portals in Ukraine. What are the next goals and objectives you set for yourself?

– We are not just successful, we are number one and hold our position and audience loyalty. We still have an all-sports resource

In addition to other projects, we are now actively engaged in the development of niche portals related to amateur sport, which is gaining popularity.

Running is becoming more widespread in Ukraine: various races and marathons are held. We realized that exist a reader in this direction and last year we had presented the profile resource Many Ukrainian cities also began to develop bicycle infrastructure. We also prepared a special site for cyclists – These projects are already in priority in our segment.

Then we are preparing update applications. Soon we will have a bookmaker rating. We still keep other novelties in a secret. Our reader is constantly evolving, and we try to ensure that reading our resource remains a useful habit for him.

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