Affiliates or Spoiled Partners?

After many years in the industry and working in almost every role (Affiliate, Operator, B2B and more), I wanted to write few words regarding the relationship of operators and affiliates – and I am really grateful to Gamblerspost for giving me the opportunity.

For starters, it is more than clear that the relationship between operator and affiliate is a relationship of love hate and no trust whatsoever. This, in the end, has a bad influence on all the new brands which are trying to enter the market – any market.

For operators, affiliates are a necessary evil since they believe that they don’t deserve a penny of what they give to them – forgetting that they are driving real and measurable traffic towards their sites, which is up to them to take advantage of.

For affiliates, operators are almost thieves who steal players registering through them and of course they believe that they deserve a bigger percentage – forgetting that without the big names of the industry, they would probably be earning 10% of what they get now.

The truth, as always, is in the middle. However, one thing is certain: this “undeclared” war between those two has brought up new cooperation models like CPA and PPC and has led to affiliates behaving arrogantly to any new brand which wants to enter the market, asking for minimum flat fees, plus CPA, plus %, plus no negative carry over. In a few words they act like they are running the business together with operators (with the difference that they are not investing).

As long as the law in non-regulated countries or even in regulated ones is not giving operators the ability to use all kind of media (and especially Above The Line media, i.e. television, radio and billboards), thus giving a new operator the chance to gain a foothold in a new market, affiliates will have the same old arrogant behaviour towards new brands and keep playing the game of the big companies who have spoiled them with the benefits they give to them.

Ioannis Deligiannis

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