New technologies in the gambling industry worth your attention

The iGaming industry is developing rapidly. Modern casinos strive to provide more comfort to their customers and distinguish themselves from others, and therefore actively introduce and use new technologies.

Every day we hear about new technologies and inventions. But more often than not, this information concerns developments and plans that will become a reality in the future. In this article, we will talk about the modern technologies that are being used in the gambling industry today.

RFID technology

RFID technology is a way to identify objects using radio signals. At the casino, RFID chips are installed in gaming chips to keep track of which games they participate in. This allows you to study the game’s features and behavior in more detail.

In addition, you can use RFID to locate or disable the chip, which is very useful in the event of a theft.


More and more casinos are giving their customers the opportunity to pay with digital currency, and even make this payment method basic. This is due to the fact that the specifics of blockchain technology provides high speed and security of money transactions.

At the same time playing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow you to remain anonymous and bypass strict regulations that exist in most countries. Asia is particularly known for these regulations, where online gambling is prohibited. Muslim countries including Malaysia strictly prohibit gambling. However, Malaysian crypto gambling sites tend to enjoy huge popularity. The government is unable to track transactions because Bitcoin provides a high level of security, thus crypto gambling is a haven for many players worldwide.


Gamification is not just a technology, but also a whole science that works to create a better and more interesting product for the player. In the casino, it is actively used in recent years. The essence of gambling gamification is to create an additional interactive element. It is thanks to this, that bonus rounds, quests, tournaments, and many other elements typical of computer games began to appear.

Forecast analysis

Forecast analytics or predictive analytics is also increasingly used in online casinos. It is a technology that helps to anticipate players’ requests and provide them with recommendations based on individual wishes. To do this, artificial intelligence analyzes a huge amount of information, including the history of the selection of certain games.

In addition, this technology is used to offer customers a variety of bonuses and promotions that are likely to be useful to them.

Facial recognition system

Facial recognition and identification is an important technology for responsible gambling and casino security. This solution makes it impossible to access gambling for minors, people with gambling addiction, and scammers.

Online concierge

Some physical casinos, including the largest establishments in Las Vegas, have introduced the use of online tools in the organization of the gameplay. Visitors can use special resources, apps, or chatbots, which are called “online concierges.” Turning to them, you can book a seat at the table, learn up-to-date information, ask a question and even get bonuses or other lucrative offers.

Automated symptom check Covid-19

Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, some casinos have introduced devices that allow you to measure a visitor’s temperature with a special camera. It also checks for a mask on a person’s face. Thus, the customer check takes place without unnecessary contacts in a few seconds.

VR/AR technology

 Modern VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies are used in many areas of life and gambling is no exception. With their help, the developers of gambling allow players to immerse themselves in the fictional world of gambling.

VR technology takes visitors to online casinos into a new reality, such as the world-famous casino from the past. At the same time, AR technologies allow you to add bright elements to the real world.

Gambling enthusiasts were delighted with these technologies. With their help, players can feel the reality of the game, for example, feel sitting at the gambling table and even chat with a neighbor in the game.

Another stage in the development of online casinos has become Live Casino, where players sit down at the gaming table and can communicate with a live dealer or other players. In order to play, a visitor must have a special headset, such as glasses or a helmet.

Western gaming clubs have almost completely switched to this format of the game, where any player can put on a VR headset and move into the fascinating world of digital reality.

PWA apps

 Progressive Web Applications (PWA), also called progressive applications, are gaining more and more fans every day. Companies such as Apple and Google almost immediately saw in them great potential and supported the development.

The main difference between PWA technology is that it can use the user to install the app of interest directly through the browser and not use the online users. PWA apps work with popular browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

Given the ever-increasing popularity of online applications and the desire of users to do everything on the go, it is logical that online casinos actively use PWA to attract new customers.

Big data and gambling

The term “Big Data” literally means “large amounts of data.” This technology has revolutionized Internet marketing. It is based on the analysis of very large amounts of information for which new methods are applied.

Online casinos use Big Data for a variety of purposes. They collect information about their visitors and their behavior, competitors, legislative changes in different countries, and much more to form analytical reports. On the basis of such reports, casinos can build their work as efficiently as possible.

This technology is also actively used to identify players who have signs of gambling addiction or ludomania. Recently, this problem has been given special attention and socially responsible gambling is trying to contribute to the fight against unhealthy addiction and to promote healthy attitudes to gambling.

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