Online Bingo Sites set to surpass Sports Betting during Covid-19

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the global economy, some industries have been hit hard by the crisis.

With that said, other industries seem to have benefitted from the lockdown caused by Covid-19. Some businesses appear to be in a kind of grey area, with the global gambling industry appearing to fall into this category.

Whilst online gambling and bingo sites appear to have experienced a boom during coronavirus, brick and mortar shops, casinos and sports betting of all types have obviously experienced a swift decline.

Indeed, a spokesperson for leading UK bingo sites comparison portal said: “We have never experienced such a rush of new members. It seems that the pandemic created many new bingo fans.”

In this article, we will look at how online bingo sites are set to surpass sports betting during Covid-19. So, without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into how the best bingo sites are booming…

The state of sports betting pre-coronavirus

Before the Covid-19 pandemic brought a swift halt to most sporting events across the globe, the global sports betting market was a multibillion-dollar enterprise that provided a livelihood to hundreds of thousands across the globe.

In fact, it is thought that the global sports betting industry is worth around $150 billion per year, at least this was the case pre-pandemic.

The current state of sports betting

Thanks to the lockdown imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global sports betting industry has largely ground to a complete halt.

In the UK, betting companies have been hit particularly hard by the halting of the Premier League and horse racing, which account for the overwhelming majority of sports betting in the country and, indeed, worldwide.

How online bingo sites have fared during the pandemic

It appears as though one industry that’s benefitting from the pandemic is that of online gaming. From casino sites to e-gaming to online bingo sites, it seems that with so many of us forced to spend long periods at home, these forms of entertainment have flourished.

UK bingo sites, in particular, have proven popular in recent months, with experts suggesting that online bingo sites are set to surpass sports betting during Covid-19. This is only natural, with the online bingo sites industry experiencing a boom and the sports betting business coming to a total halt.

A key reason for the boom in the best bingo sites is the influx of experienced gamblers and gamers from other sectors. For example, those who may be seasoned sports betting enthusiasts will in many cases have migrated online to casino sites and bingo sites in order to find an exciting way to win money and have some fun.

Overall, it can be said that online bingo sites have surpassed sports betting during Covid-19. Whether or not this will continue to be the case when sports betting resumes remains to be seen, yet the online bingo business will certainly be hoping that this is the case.

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