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The Portuguese gambling market has been regulated lately, so the need for accurate and reliable information about the online casinos which are offered legally to Portuguese players is urgent. This is covered completely by, a website totally dedicated to Portuguese players and giving all the details a gambling enthusiast needs, to be safe, legal and happy to choose from the best. It’s written exclusively in Portuguese, thus being the best gambling guide for those who find it difficult to search and understand information in English or trust more the natives!

If the site is updated is operating exclusively for those residents in Portugal who are casino enthusiasts. It contains information about all legal online casinos in the country, having  a license from the Portuguese gaming committee. All casinos are completely reviewed, firstly by giving all vital information up screen (no-deposit bonus, first deposit bonus, payment methods). After this there’s an analysis (General Information, Bonuses and Promotions, Registration Bonuses, Software, Mobile Version, slots etc.) and a ranking based on four main categories: Trust and Justice, variety of games, bonuses and promotions and client support. As you can see, everyone who’d like to activate a casino account and visits this website can easily compare and decide.

One of the website’s big benefits is the complete reviews of  various slot matchines. There are reviews with tips and tricks for more than 200 different slot machines in Portuguese, so the user could choose what’s best for his needs.

Special offers

There’s a complete section about “Bonus sem deposito” (No deposit bonus), which is very crucial, as is by far the first mode of engagement between a potential gambler and an online casino. As all bonuses are risk-free and deposit-free, onlinecasinosportugal ranks the legal online casinos and gives details about the whole “Free Spins” and “Free Play” promotions and offers. There’s also a guide how to claim the no-deposit bonus with codes.

If the user experience is good

There’s not much plurality on Portuguese casinos, but this is not for the website to blame. On the contrary, this is a sign of reliability, as the website contains only online casinos which operate legally in the country (and not, let’s say, online casinos with Portuguese language versions dedicated to users from Brazil or other Portuguese-speaking countries). You can have easy and quick access to them and you can fully understand, as all articles are written in the simplest way. 

If it’s modern

Being launched just two years ago, has a modern design. All are made simple: Just three main categories, “Best Casinos”, “Slot Machines” and “No deposit Bonus”, which are based to the user’s most common search keywords. For those in a hurry there’s a big “Procurar” button up front, which is a big plus to find everything in seconds. All secondary information are given at the bottom of the first page. 

If it’s social media friendly

Portuguese-speaking market is a roughly small one compared, lets’ say, to the UK or the US, so the website’s administrators are focusing on attracting users by other ways and not by posting on social media. We didn’t find a Facebook or a Twitter account. However, this is a tank where they could attract specific audience, if they put some extra effort.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists, which are ads themselves, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros an cons.

Final Score (4,6) ♠♠♠♠ is making an impact to the Portuguese online casinos market, and they’re developing with geometric progress. As they have a dedicated audience, they don’t have to attract many thousands of users to become competitive. Their big plus is the Portuguese language, which gives a sense of credibility in the natives, but they didn’t count only on this. The complete sections of reviews and slot machines show that there’s a lot of work which has been done there.

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