Norway is thinking of simplifying the gambling system even more

Norway is a special country in a lot of ways, but one of the most talked-about qualities is their approach to gambling which is nothing like their neighbour’s. Norway has a gambling monopoly and all the gambling venues in the country had to either operate under Norsk Tipping or Rikstoto. 

This is not to say that Norway has strict control over the gambling process because people can gamble at any authorised venue at any time and they aren’t running the risk of getting punished. Norway has a very civil approach to its people who exercise the right to entertain themselves as they wish in their free time. But the approach is different when it comes to regulations for those who provide gambling services. Every company that wants to offer gambling services has to get a license and will have to operate under Tipping.

According to the recent report, Norway is now looking to simplify its approach to gambling even more by considering allowing Norsk Tipping to absorbs the horse-racing services of Rikstoto.

What will change?

The Ministry of Culture of Norway will be handling this topic along with the Ministry of Agriculture. The question is whether or not the government should grant a monopoly to Rikstoto till 2021. Ministries will discuss this topic in the near future and decide whether or not to merge horse racing with Tipping’s responsibilities.

Generally speaking gambling in Norway is pretty easy. You have a lot of options, for example, Norwegian bonus without rollover conditions, or the ever so popular slots. It’s worth mentioning that this monopoly extends to real-life casinos as well as online casinos and betting venues. People enjoy betting and gambling in Norway just as much as they do anywhere else, but the casinos themselves have to keep a tight hold on all of their services to make sure they’re in line with regulations, while there can’t even be a possibility of a newcomer.

With this recent initiative, not much will change for the customer but the major shift will happen in the gambling industry if everyone comes under one big umbrella of Norsk Tipping.  While the EU has tried much time to open the door for outside players to enter the Norwegian market the country seems dead set on its policies regarding gambling and has no plans to surrender any time soon. Unlike its neighbour, Sweden where the policies were similar but the country finally opened up its market for outside gambling facilities.

The government is now deciding which one of the two companies are better suited to organise the race and ensure responsible gambling. The licensing for Rikstoto acquired his ability to run wagerings in 2016 and now its licensing is expiring which is what triggered this conversation in the first place. Norsk Tipping, on the other hand, has had a good run and partnership with the government for a long time is full of innovative ideas. 

Current policies

Under the current legislation, Commercial operators can apply for permission to offer some gambling activities but they will have to deal with restrictions, while those who do get the licensing must allocate 35% of profits to Norsk Tipping and 30% to “good causes”. It has often been said that Norway’s approach is more so aimed at protecting revenues than protecting Norwegian punters. 

Bingo is the unlikely leader of the Norwegian’s online games of choice and the citizens can play from any venue they would like. But what’s special about the Norwegian online gambling scene is that all these venues have the tools in place to make sure that the users gamble responsibly. This is an idea that some casinos have played with across the world but the adoption rate has been slow. 

This is a great way to minimise problem gambling without restricting the industry too much of banning it completely. Since the gambling industry has been getting so popular, especially online it would be impossible to fully ban any sort of gambling and get away with it. The best approach, which would be the active promotion of responsible gambling through different mediums is the only way that will leave both the gamblers and the authorities with decent results.

The gambling industry has a long way to go before all the technologies and AI adoption can fully prevent problem gambling. While more and more venues, real-life and online are trying to tackle the problem of out of control gamblers with innovative technologies. This might be even easier to do in the case of online casinos because locking out players is easier online than dealing with problem gamblers in real life. Even if the Monopoly on gambling isn’t necessarily perfect, Norway knows how to apply cutting edge technology to improve the overall experience of their customers.

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