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Ross Haselhurst: «We just launched our second major sportsbook with SBTech»

Ross Haselhurst, Commercial Director of Bede Gaming, in an interview “Gamblers Post” talked about story of company, business model and shared plans for future. 

  • Could you give us a little background of Bede Gaming? When and where did the company start, how many employees do you currently have? 
  • Bede was created out of the frustrations our founders had with the legacy platform suppliers they used when they were on the operator side. They figured there must be a better way, and indeed there was. Now Bede employs 176 people in three countries, powers some of the industry’s biggest brands and is transforming digital offerings across the world.
  • What distinguishes your company from others suppliers of iGaming business?
    1. Boiling it down, Bede prides itself in 3 key areas. Firstly, we’re a tech business and being underpinned by the best technology runs through everything we do. We have an ocean of talented people working for Bede, making great things happen. From our state-of-the-art bonusing and campaign tools to our player account management, we strive for greatness and if we get it wrong, we’re our own biggest critics.
    2. Secondly, being the ‘Safest Place To Play’, not only in supporting our operators in giving their players a safe and responsible environment but also as a business operating within highly regulated markets; our integrity is paramount to our success and we’re uncompromising in protecting it.
    3. Lastly, Bede offers infinite differentiation for our operators, remaining open and agnostic is hugely important to us.  Whether you’re an operator looking for an entirely out-of-box solution or something entirely unique, we have you covered.  Whether it be, for example, a specific payment provider, or perhaps, a niche game provider, we really give you the freedom to pick and choose. The gaming industry is home to so many interesting and exciting partners, it therefore completely baffles me when I see platform providers try and lock their operators down – but this ultimately works in our favour and we make no bones about capitalising on it.
  • What are the strengths of your business model?
  • In most instances, and like most of the industry, when you partner with Bede it is usually on a revenue share basis, therefore Bede have ‘skin in the game’ when it comes to the success of our operators. Furthermore, as ultimately a cloud business, we are able to offer headache free cloud services under a very simplistic fee structure.  With Bede there are no racks or servers to procure nor are there any equipment pick-lists to source, networks to secure or operating systems to install – we handle all of that for you, simple!  Furthermore, on the back of our tremendous growth, we have built fantastic economies of scale with our vendors making us much more cost effective and ultimately protecting our operators margins.
  • Your software supports both online casinos and land-based gaming platforms. In terms of technology, which sphere offers greater challenges? 
  • I think it depends on which lens you look through, but whilst our pedigree is definitely online its not without its challenges. For example, we find online users are more transient between operators and therefore you have to be on point with your user experience and keep it fresh at all times. For land-based, our experience is largely in the convergence of retail and digital with our omni channel solution and this usually requires a number of system integrations and often into legacy systems too, as well as compliance requirements in both mediums but we’re very adept at this and have an impressive track record to boot. 
  • What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given, and how are you applying that advice specifically to Bede Gaming? 
  • Warren Buffett once said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it” and that means so much to what we do at Bede. We strive to provide a premium service and that would be impossible without a premium reputation and, especially in a world that’s dominated by data leaks and cyber attacks, we invest huge amounts of time, money and effort into protecting ourselves and our operators from an otherwise unrelenting threat. Furthermore, operating in highly regulated markets and participating in some the most stringent procurement processes, it is key to protect our status as the safest place to play.
  • Do you have plans to enter the sports betting industry? 
  • Absolutely and we already are! At the time of writing, we’ve just launched our second major sportsbook with SBTech and following a Kambi integration last year, we now have a pretty impressive product mix when it comes to sports betting and subsequently we’re powering sports betting across 3 continents and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.
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