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Soccer statistics and online betting

Online betting has become really exciting in recent years. Odds reaching hot high and dropping instantly at live betting, a huge variety of betting markets in every match and lots of offers from the online bookmakers have made betting an amazing experience, if not profitable.

However, through the passing of years betting has become more difficult as well. As almost all veteran punters have noticed, making a decision and placing a valuable bet is not as simple as it has been some years ago. Online bookmakers adjust their odds almost instantly, thanks to vast knowledge taken from powerful software, based on a huge statistical data archive.

That’s a fact, no matter if you agree or not: Numbers play a key role at betting. A complete match preview before you decide about your betting choice has to contain also statistical analysis. Just a glance at the table and both team`s recent matches is not enough anymore. You have to do a little bit more homework to grab all the information you need, in order to bet correctly.

Which are the four questions related to numbers you have to answer before placing a bet?

  1. Home-away difference: Do the teams you’d like to bet on have a different attitude in results and goals (scored and conceded) at home and away matches?
  2. Performance as a favorite/underdog/equal: You have to isolate the team’s results (according to the odds offered) and analyze separately their results when they’re considered favorites, outsiders or they’re confronting an equal opponent.
  3. Past results: Take a look at their recent past results. Perhaps you’ll find some strange things about their attitude when playing each other. Some lower-placed teams tend to have an impressive record when coming up against certain favorites.
  4. Scoring: What’s the most common scoring margin at the favorite’s past wins, just one goal or more? In how many matches did the underdog scored after conceding more than two goals? That’s valuable information about their general attitude.

Additionally, you have to watch carefully all live statistics provided, to decide about live betting. One of the best online bookmakers in this sector is Parimatch. On their website you can find all live statistical analysis (shots on target, corners, even percentage of possession) to place your bet smartly. They know for sure how to use statistics to give you extra motivation and add to the betting excitement!

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