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When you take your first visit at, you feel like you contact either a government website, or an international organization about gambling worldwide. Nothing of these is true; in fact, this website has chosen the most serious way of providing information and reviews about gambling sites, but also trying to build an international gambling community.

This is a remarkable effort. These guys are not interested only on advertising online casinos or informing potential players about offers, new games etc. They know how to make any visitor feel that he’ll find a serious answer in any question. The “complaints” section is something unique all websites I’ve reviewed so far, and the information is not at all controlled, as visitors have their say through the forum section.

If the site is updated

First of all, I should mention that has many versions. As your ip is detected, you’re asked in the beginning if you’d like to visit the version available for your country, which is fully reviewed as well. Don’t look for a huge list with hundreds of casinos, as you’ll never find it there. As a matter of fact, there are some strict criteria for a casino to be included  to lists. The recommended casinos’ list is small, but completely reliable.

Of course there are sub-section lists, like “deposit guarantee” casinos, “high roller Casinos”, “Live Casinos”, and also sections about sports betting site reviews, poker sites reviews and bingo site reviews. The “slots” review has more than 1.000 different games to choose, fully reviewed (about 300 words for each one, containing all crucial information) and an app, where you could try it for free.

There’s also a section about “Games”, where a visitor can find certain guides for all games available, including strategy tips, pros and cons etc. This is not much updated, but the guides are carefully written from the beginning to be timeless.

Special offers

There’s a whole section about special offers, containing all the useful sub-sections, such as “casino bonuses”, “casino welcome & signup bonuses”, “exclusive bonuses”, “no deposit bonus” and “free spins casino bonuses”. Nothing new about that, all websites containing reviews have it. The real offer is the “complaints” section, where a visitor could submit his complaint about a casino. There’s no nagging an moaning there. In fact, has helped the players to recover almost USD 2,8 million concerning their complaints! This is a big plus, adding hugely to the website’s credibility.

Every visitor could submit a complaint, but the website’s administrators will take a look and check it before posting it, to avoid fraud and malicious posts. Apart from submitting a complaint, a visitor can read the complaints or take a glance to the complaints FAQ section, which gives certain information about the procedure.

If the user experience is good

As I mentioned before, the whole feeling is like visiting an independent organization. Some find it good, others need more personal and funny approach to decide about which online casino they choose. According to my personal taste, is what it looks like: An ultimate guide to online gambling, not an advertising website to make money. Of course, they work for profit, but they really try to help the player.

If it’s modern

There’s no need to be modern. In fact, they tried to establish an absolutely serious frontpage, so they could send a clear message: They’re not messing around. The website’s main color is white, there are no banners, no carousels, no scroll downs. I don’t bother about this.

If it’s social media friendly

There’s a Twitter account connected to the website, but it’s inactive since September 2017.  After more than 1.700 tweets they have about 200+ followers. They don’t seem to interest much on advertising their website through social media, as there’s no Facebook or Instagram account.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists, which are ads themselves (there’s a button “Join Now” near every online casino banner), website has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons.

Final Score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠

The Pogg is a credible website, this is for sure. They work hard to keep this reputation, which is their main plus. All the website’s structure is about trying to help the player, not trying to confuse him. You’re definitely advised to visit them. 

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