The secrets B2B providers do not want you to know

If you do a simple Google search by typing “online casino” or “online sportsbook” you will be more than surprised with the results. Thousands of operators, white labels, etc are trying to get a piece of the pie. Stepping on the unregulated markets and using alternative payment methods, ambitious owners of online sportsbooks and casinos try to earn some extra money.

The same goes for other types of professionals, who having worked in the past for other operators or having been affiliates themselves, would like to make some money. The last type of professionals are, of course, in the know, and that’s why they trying to find a good investor in order to build their own business.

The ones that want to enter the industry without knowing how it operates, are the easy “victims” of some B2B operators that promise that they can offer turnkey solutions without doing 3 basic things:

a) Background check of the potential clients

Not doing a background check on the client can sometime jeopardise the license of the platform or white label provider. If the white label owner does not comply with the T&C, the problem will be on the license owner and not on the client.

b) Not asking their potential clients to commit and prove the marketing budget spending

The good b2b companies do not make deals just to make deals. They want to protect their reputation and of course, if the biggest percentage of their clients is closing business, this cannot be achieved.

c) Promise that they will deliver the project fast

When you sign any contract with any platform or white label provider you need to know that if they wish to launch something new to the market it will take them more than six months. Promises that they can deliver fast as a lighting, usually turn into excuses about “the developers not having enough time”, “the amount of the projects” etc. In a few words, it is not outrageously expensive to open your online gambling business but you need to spend lots of money to bring clients (and do not forget to add the operation cost to this).

However, a few of the B2B providers do warn their potential clients about this.In another article we will speak about how you can enter the online gambling market with minimum risk!

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