12/06/19 - 19061206 - SFA HAMPDEN PARK - GLASGOW The official Euro 2020 football

You break the rhythm… and our nerves

Three of the most annoying things in the beginning of any football season are the 3 breaks for the national team games. Three times, one in September, one in October and one in November, and exactly when the clubs are ready and are getting into the rhythm of the season they have to stop in order for their players to join their various national teams.

I understand that UEFA or FIFA need dates in order to organize the qualifiers but I am suggesting changing the dates or creating a small tournament after the leagues. In any case, after our… complaint, the action returns this weekend with a big match in Premier League: Man United VS Liverpool. Stay tuned, as we will analyze this match on Friday.

Enjoy the week and good luck to your National Team!

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