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£140k bet accepted on Brexit Party winning European Elections

Online bookmaker Star Sports has slashed the odds on the Brexit Party winning the most seats in the UK’s European Elections after taking a massive £140k bet backing the newly-formed party by Nigel Farage.

Odds on Brexit Party winning the most seats on Thursday, May 23, went down from 1.05 to 1.02 after a VIP customer of Star Sports placed three bets for the total amount of £140k.

“We took £60k at 1.05, £40k at 1.03 and another £40k at 1.025 within the space of 30 minutes from the same VIP customer, and we fully expect to be handing back £145k and change come Thursday,” said company spokesman Gary Burton.

If successful, the customer would win £5,200, which looks very likely according to the latest polling data. The Brexit Party has a significant lead with 34% potential votes. Liberal Democrats are expected to finish second with 17 per cent, Labour has 15 per cent, and just 9 per cent is ready to vote for the Conservatives.

The Brexit Party is a Eurosceptic political party in the United Kingdom that was launched in April this year. Its leader Nigel Farage has publicly stated back then that he placed a £1,000 bet on the Brexit Party winning the European Parliament election. However, he did it when his party odds to win were 4.0, and polls were predicting about 15% of votes going for them.

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