5 Dragons Pokie Review

5 Dragons pokie, as the name rightly suggests, is a dragon-themed online slot game. The game is set around mythical creatures and features a 5-reel non-progressive video slot. Its 25 payline design was developed by Aristocrat and comes with at least 243 opportunities to win!

The game has a purple background that is visually appealing to users. It engages and keeps you coming back to play again and again. 5 Dragons is playable on most devices; whether on an Android smartphone or MacBook Air, the web application is compatible.

You can easily play an online FREE demo of the game to establish your footing. No download or deposit is required for the demo. Players don’t even need to register to enjoy the free demo of 5 Dragons Pokie by Aristocrat Free Slots developer. 

Once you’re sure you like the game, register and start playing for real money! Select a reliable online casino when dealing with actual money. This ensures that you will receive your rightful winnings and enjoy a fair game of slots. 

How to Play 5 Dragons Pokie

You need to understand a few functions before diving into the game. Let’s take a look at what players should know. 

A step-by-step guide:

  1. In 5 Dragons Pokie, press buttons to select your game style. Start by setting the value for each coin based on your buy-in. Whether you’re in an online casino or playing a free demo, press the “CREDIT” button to start the game. As you adjust the credits, you’ll notice the bigger the coin size, the fewer the credits, and vice versa. 

2. Once you select a coin size, you can choose whether you want to play on 5 reels or stir things up by adding more reels. If you choose the 5-reel option, you’ll get 1 credit for each payline. For 5 reels, plus the extra option, you get 30 credits in total for every spin. The paylines in 5 Dragons Pokie by Aristocrat are not adjustable. 

3. Last, you must hit the red “BET ONE” button. Note that the number of credits on this button keeps changing based on your credits. By pressing the button multiple times, you add a credit per line for every spin. 

4. You can bet up to 10 credits per payline in this game.  

In short, there are 3 components of the 5 Dragons slot game:

Coin value

Paylines (25)

Coin amount 

To estimate the price of the bet, multiply these three elements. Consider this numerically for better understanding. 

If the coin value is $0.05, the coin amount is 10, and the paylines are 25. Let’s find the cost of your bet. The total stake here is 0.05 X 10 X 25 = $12.5!

To find out the value of the bet on each line, use this simple formula.

Coin Value X Coin Amount = Bet Value (per line)

Pay Table & Bonus Symbols

Pay tables and symbols in online slots are not straightforward. Let’s walk through the symbols included in the 5 Dragons Pokie slot game. Remember, all the winnings shown below are for a $1 bet. 

  • Green Dragon Symbol. If you receive three dragon symbols on the screen, you win 35 credits. For four symbols, you get 100 credits. And if you get five of a kind green dragon on the screen, it will bag you the biggest winning combination of 800 credits!
  • Purple Turtle Symbol. This is one of the highest paid symbols. You get 20 credits for 3 purple turtle symbols. Next, for four of a kind, you get 50 credits. For five of a kind, you earn 300 credits. 
  • Blue Fish Symbol. This is the second most prestigious winning symbol in the game. For 3 fish symbols on the screen, you get 30 credits. If you get four or five fish symbols, you win 100 or 800 credits, respectively. 
  • Gold Coin Symbol. Gold coin symbols are common winning combinations. For 3 gold coin symbols, you earn 15 credits, 4 of a kind gets you 35 credits. Five of a kind will get users 300 coins. 
  • A (Ace) Symbol. Moving down a bit; if you roll the Ace symbol, you get 10, 30, or 200 credits for three, four, or five of a kind, respectively. If your stakes are higher, the rewards will multiply accordingly. 
  • K (King) Symbol. This is much like the Ace symbol. All winnings are the same, but 4 of a kind earns only 20 credits. 
  • Q (Queen) & J (Joker) Symbol. Remember, credits mentioned now are only applicable if you roll Qs or Js. For either, you win 10 credits when you land 3 of the same type. For four or five of a kind, players win 15 or 100 credits, respectively. 
  • 10 Symbol

Almost like the Queen and Joker, getting a 10 symbol on your screen five times will get you 100 credits. Similarly, for a four of a kind, you win 15 credits. The only difference is that for 3 a kind, you get 5 credits. 

  • 9 Symbol

Again, the 10-symbol and 9-symbol aren’t very different in terms of winning credits. Everything remains the same. It’s only for 4 of a kind you get 10 credits. 

Now let’s see which combinations earn you free spins.

If you land a dragon symbol on reels 3, 4, and 5, players are taken to the new settings menu. They can now select an amount of free games they get and the wild symbol for a unique multiplier. For example, you can get 20 Free Games and a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier. 

There are multiple options from which you can select. In smaller free games, you unlock the option to get a higher multiplier. 

You can trigger bonus rounds if you play the game approximately 50 times. In this special round, players have the opportunity to win 10x their stakes. We suggest setting the middle option to medium variance in the bonus round. 

Finally, you can win approximately 200 credits if you play more than 100 games. The biggest reported jackpot for 5 Dragons Pokie was $16,482.70.

The Green Dragon is the wild symbol, a perfect alternative for all other symbols. The only exception is the scatter symbol (the gold coin). 

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Real Money Play

This game has a high volatility and an RTP of 95.17% for experienced bettors, which is the best you can get in online slot games. 

If you want to play with real money on 5 Dragons Pokie by Aristocrat, you’ll need a casino account. First, find a trustworthy casino which offers the game and operates in your country. 

Register on the casino’s website and complete your deposit. You can then redeem your bonus. Begin the game afterward. 

In countries like the US, certain rules prohibit some states from gambling both online or offline. A few states allow wagering with limits. No matter where you are; America, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia, make sure you don’t get in trouble with the law for playing the 5 Dragons Pokie online! 

Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Other Bonuses 

The 5 Dragons Pokie offers players exciting bonuses and free spins. Besides these bonus rounds and free spins, you can win even bigger prizes. How, you ask?

It’s simple! Online casinos often offer signup bonuses to players, especially for their first few spins. You can benefit from a few bonus spins on the house to kickstart your winning streak. Note that to get these bonus spins, you will have to register on the casino’s website and make a deposit. Only then will you be eligible for a signup bonus or any offer they feature in general. 

The 5 Dragons Pokie by Aristocrat is much like the New York, Asia, and Africa Pokie by Ainsworth. The interface is easy to use and players can learn the basics very quickly. If you’ve played other slot games which we previously mentioned, you’ll have no problem mastering the 5 Dragons Pokie by Aristocrat. 


  • Is 5 Dragons Pokie available for mobile phones?

Yes, the 5 Dragons game is compatible with mobiles and PCs. Whatever your preferred mode of gaming is, this pokie machine by Aristocrat Free Slots Developers will run smoothly.

You can play 5 Dragons on Android, Windows, or macOS without difficulty.

  • Can I play the game for free?

You can play the game without making a deposit but remember, if you don’t, you won’t be able to cash your winnings. You can try the free demo game. If you like it, open an account with a trusted online casino and play with real money.

  • What happens if you get a dragon symbol in the centre of the third reel?

The dragon symbol in the centre (the wild icon in the game) means you can substitute it to complete your winning combination. For example, if you have a 2 around the dragon, the machine will count it as a 3 of a kind!

If you’re fond of Dragon-themed pokies, here is a list of the most popular Dragon-themed games ever created. 

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Thank you for reading this article and wishing you well!

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