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Ajax signed a 10-year partnership with energy drink brand ICONIX

Top Dutch football club Ajax and energy drink brand ICONIX have minted a partnership for 9.5 years, signaling the organizations’ desire to boost awareness and reap long-term benefits.

Ajax, and its esports division, will help with the launch of the energy drink in the Netherlands from March of this year. Ajax has decided to go with ICONIX for various reasons, citing the brand’s focus on delivering a unique and diverse taste.

“The story and ambition of ICONIX appealed to us. We also think that this category of functional drinks, which is widely spoken and written about, needs an alternative. ICONIX offers a tasty, responsible and different type of energy drink and distinguishes itself with so-called focused energy instead of just more energy. We are content with this long-term agreement, with a duration of no less than 9.5 years. This reflects the ambition of ICONIX and also expresses confidence towards each other”, – explained a choose Menno Geelen, CCO of Ajax.

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