Year of establishment

2004 is now established as one of the legendary websites when it comes to poker. Being over 15 years into the fierce internet competition, the website and the loyal community that was built around has fulfilled the mission, to be one of the most helpful, informative and friendly poker community online. Having some impressive numbers such as over 310.000 friendly members from 190 countries and some 4 million (!) posts concerning poker in forum area proves that they still are a dominant force, and still counting. 

If the site is updated

Up-to-date information and enquiries are the big plus of the website and the main reason that the community has grown so fast to reach incredible numbers. The main menu has six different categories to choose, each one stands there for a reason.

The “Forum” section is the main source of interaction among community members or among the visitors and the website administrators. As mentioned before, there are about 4 million post regarding everything about poker: Strategies, questions, views about websites, nearly everything. Regardless of the vast growing community, administrators promise that every enquiry would be answered no more than 48 hours after posted. So far they keep their promise, that’s why all visitors feel free to contact.

The “News” section is further divided into categories; you can easily find what you’d like. Except the common “Poker News”, “Tournament News” and “Casino News” there’re also sub-sections regarding “Legal”, “Scandals”, even “Opinion”.

The “Poker Strategy” section is one of the most visited. All information regarding how to play the different poker games is gathered there. There are articles regarding odds, tips for winning, even how to organize a home game and all poker variants are carefully explained. 

I should also mention the “30 Day Poker Course”, an e-book offered to everyone registered into the website and becoming member of the community. This is an interactive training course written by poker experts, designed to help beginner and intermediate poker players improve their overall game.

An innovation not found anywhere else is the “Odds calculator” section. Odds of EVERY single hand at poker are calculated through an impressive graph, where you can place any card you like to every player you like. I must admit that this is the place I spent the vast majority of time when reviewing! Really interesting.

Special offers

There are reviews about four poker sites in “Poker Sites” section of Every single of them is tirelessly reviewed, a vast number of details is given, so you can decide which is suitable for you.  There’s also a “Poker Bonus” section, containing all poker bonuses from reputable card rooms and also information about the basics of a poker bonus and how easy it is to boost your bankroll. Members benefit from over $200,000 in exclusive freerolls and tournaments every year.

If the user experience is good

Absolutely. The expectations were high, as is considered a leading poker community. Having so many members means that they’re doing their job well, and they prove it every time. I have to admit I’m not a keen poker player, but spending some hours in this website somewhat persuaded me to become one. This is a big advantage for them.

If it’s modern

Launched back in 2004 as a forum for poker enthusiasts around the world, has grown impressively over the years. The basic structure didn’t change at all (it shouldn’t be, as all forum-like websites have the same frontend). There’re no signs of modernity seen in other poker websites, but actually I don’t miss them. They focus on their experience rather than trying to impress the visitor with jiggling banners and flashing capital letters.

If it’s social media friendly

Quite impressive also. The Facebook page is active all the time with more than 50.000 likes. The Twitter account, started back in 2009, has more than 21.000 followers and more than 1.300 tweets. There’s also an Instagram account and a Youtube channel with more than 1.8K subscribers. It’s an example of how a website could benefit from social media presence.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the poker sites lists and the reviews about bonuses, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠

Enough said already. Cardschat was, is and will be a leader in poker community. They’re operating as a fully professional website and are interesting from beginners to experts.

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