English FA forbids GambleAware to film at Wembley

According to various press reports the English Football Association forbid the independent charity commissioning prevention and treatment from gambling GambleAware to shoot its new gambling addiction campaign “Bet Regret” at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

GambleAware approached the FA believing that the stadium would be the ideal location to film the new campaign video for gambling addiction. However, the FA refused the offer because “it didn’t want any association with gambling at all”.

Chief executive officer at GambleAware Marc Etches commented: “With the Bet Regret campaign we wanted to film at Wembley and they didn’t want to accommodate that there because they had said they wanted to make sure they put some distance between them and gambling. Despite the fact that the Bet Regret campaign was about trying to ensure people thought carefully about their gambling, particularly if they’re bored, drunk or chasing losses. I would have preferred to have more of a conversation about it.”

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