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Interview with Annamaria Anastasi Marketing Director Betsoft

Betsoft Marketing Director Annamaria Anastasi in an exclusive interview with “Gambler’s Post” talks about success, games development and back office solutions

  • Annamaria, please tell how did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position?

I Graduated with an MSc in Creative Advertising and Marketing at Napier University in Edinburgh. I have worked in the igaming industry for 11 years now for both operators and Game providers in various areas of the business – predominantly in content management and marketing. I have been working with Betsoft for almost 5 years now. I started off as an account manager and moved into marketing as the company continued to grow and expand. It is a great company with some incredibly talented people on our team. I love our product and believe in the Betsoft brand which is why I’m still here.

  • Betsoft is known as one of the world’s premier producers of high quality igaming products, how much time was taken to become a leader in the market and what year was the most successful?

Betsoft is a multi-national, multi-award-winning games provider of premium igaming products. Our vision has been consistent for more than a decade: to bring the cutting-edge in cinematic gaming to the widest possible audience. We have worked to carefully enter new iGaming jurisdictions, obtain independent certifications, and build a client base that covers all regulated gaming markets worldwide. Today, our games are played through more than 500 casinos around the globe.

2018 was a big year for Betsoft overall. About a year ago, we started work on a milestone project with the explicit aim of creating a new kind of experience, one that would bridge the divide that’s traditionally existed between casino games, mobile and console videogames – Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Everything about Max Quest – from its multiplayer nature to its player progression systems – stems from that original objective, and the result, we believe, is a totally unique kind of game that will appeal to a much broader range of players than traditional slots have ever been able to reach. This is the kind of innovation that sets Betsoft apart from other game providers. We are always pushing the boundaries, keeping current trends and players at the front of all game design.  

In 2018 we also won 4 awards including Slot Provider of the year at the Starlet awards and Best Mobile Gaming Provider at the Malta Gaming Awards.

  • Company has a big variety of colorful and exciting video slots (btw my favorite is Good Girl, Bad Girl), how long takes creating process and how many professionals are involved?

Development cycles for videoslot games is roughly about 6 months, depending on the complexity of the functionality. Generally speaking they would include about 20 people. However more complex products would involve more people and would need more time than this for development.

For example, in pure design, development, testing and refinement terms, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra was active for more than a year, preceded by roughly six months of conceptualisation. At its peak, around 40 of our best artists and developers were working to bring this particular game to life.

  • What other company products? What besides games do you offer to operators?

Betsoft is more than just a games provider. We offer our clients a comprehensive back office solution to support the day-day running of their operation. As well as tracking existing players, generating game and financial reports as well as detailed KPIs, our Casino Manager comes with a complete promotional toolkit – Drive TM. This enables our clients to tap into new sources of revenue – from acquiring new players to cross-selling across inventory. Drive TM also includes special Bonus, Sweepstakes, Raffle and Tournament features, to add a live, social layer to any casino. Using a simple interface, casinos can set and customise rules, rewards, and bonus amounts, and keep engagement high by offering free plays and guaranteed cash prizes.

We also offer our clients the option to integrate our Vault TM – a native desktop application which replaces potentially slow streaming with lightning-speed local file storage and offline play. Vault TM is specifically designed for regions or countries where a potential player base exists, but where the infrastructure is not up to the task of streaming even our best-optimised games. Using Vault TM, many of our clients have been able to expand into new markets and target new demographics that they would not otherwise have been able to reach.

  • The igaming world is developing and improving fast, how Betsoft is going to surprise? What is Betsoft plans for next couple of years?

Cinematic slots gaming is about more than just entertainment. We research our player base heavily, including general market trends before and throughout production of any slot. Every Betsoft game is designed with players in mind. We are constantly adding features and social elements to keep our content current, unique, engaging and most of all fun for players across various demographics. From well-integrated storylines to all new, reel grid layouts, we expect to continue our legacy of continuous innovation, from theme to concept and beyond.

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