Interview with Staffan Bergh, CEO/Founder of Revshare Group Ltd

– We see that you started the company back in 2015. What gave you the idea to create the Revshare Group?

Staffan: Well it’s quite simple actually. I wanted to start a company which focused only on SEO. I started a few sites and now 4 years later, I believe the company controls a bit over 60 casino affiliate sites in 10 different markets.

– You are considered experts in Scandinavian markets but you are expanding in other markets like the UK and US. How difficult is to bring traffic to your sites from your new markets?

Staffan: Like all SEO, it takes time to reach the critical point, where you actually generate the amount of traffic for a new market to be profitable. There are a lot of investments in beginning and you need a lot of patience. I’ve been working as an affiliate for such a long time now and I have been through the ups and downs of working with SEO. So I learned the hard way that patience is the key to success.

– Why aren’t most of the big affiliates promoting new brands? Is it true that they are not converting?

Staffan: I think it all really breaks down to what keywords you rank on. Some keywords in some markets can be very profitable to promote new casinos. I would say a mix of new and old good casinos are the best option.

– Do you believe that there is an “undeclared war” between affiliates and operators?  With operators believing that affiliates don’t deserve the deals they get and affiliates believing that operators are cheating with numbers?

Staffan: No I don’t think so. It’s all about what kind of value you as an affiliate bring to the table. Operators will find out quick if your traffic is good or not. Hence if you have good traffic you will be rewarded with a good fair deal which both partners benefit from.

– Do you believe that the hybrid deals are a win-win situation for affiliates and operators or at the end of the day it is the operators who get the advantage?

Staffan: Yes, I think it’s a fair deal. Both parties need to come to a good understanding which are profitable in the long run. In the end it’s the long-term partnerships that makes the difference between a good stable affiliate than someone that just go for “small victories”. 

– Back to Revshare Group! How many sites are you running and in what languages? 

Staffan: The company run about 60 casino sites at the moment. Most of them I have been built by myself but we have also done a few acquisitions. A few sites we have on our portfolio are, and

– Do you participate in affiliate conferences, and what is your opinion about them?

Staffan: Yes we to go a few of them per year. I would say my favourite is the London conference. I also think we will visit more conferences in the U.S. Especially G2E in Las Vegas as we will focus more on the U.S market going forward. 

– What you believe is the future of online gambling and advertising? Do you believe that social media will take the lion’s share?  And how well is the Revshare Group prepared for whatever the future brings?

Staffan: I think the competition will get tougher and tougher. Especially when it comes to SEO. I still think SEO will be main source of quality traffic going forward but with that said, there are always opportunities through other marketing channels which can be very beneficial also.

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