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It’s really difficult to find an “all-inclusive” gambling website. If you’d like to get a real taste of what’s going on in the industry, grab the best odds on various sports and enjoy picks and predictions, oddsshark.com is the place to be. It’s a website which has a lot of gambling interests: providing odds from various sports, seeking sports betting information about sportsbooks and having a lot of easily accessible databases to help visitors make the right decisions about their future bets. 

If the site is updated

It’s true that oddsshark.com is US-sports oriented, but has also a strong international flavor. Updates are a basic part of the website’s popularity, as there is a lot of information about some 20 different sports. The “Sports” section in the main menu focuses mainly on American Sports (American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey and Basketball, both professional and collegiate) but also has a lot to provide about UFC, Boxing, E-sports, Association Football  and some 10 other aspects, including Politics and Tennis!

Every sport is completely analyzed, with sub-sections regarding scores, standings, stats, game logs, team reports and a lot of other useful information, such as a huge database of results, where you can isolate those that you’d like through a series of filters. To be honest, there’s little you can search about numbers and you cannot find it there.

The “Odds” section is also huge and contains all sports mentioned before. Each page contains the latest odds provided by different bookmakers. For every sportsbook present in the website there’s a complete review, containing all a potential player has to know before accessing.

The “Picks” section is also interesting and is further divided into three sub-sections: “Computer picks”, where the analysis is based in numbers only, the “Public Consensus”, where the market trend and public opinion is taken into account and the “Picks Service Reviews”, a paid picks service where experts in punting are offering their picks.

The “Betting” section is the biggest, as it contains information about betting worldwide. From “Betting Sites by Region” to “Online Sportsbooks” and from “Casino” to “Poker”, you can find lots of information and details about, let’s say, legal guide, mobile, deposit options and more.

Special offers

Oddsshark.com is not a website focusing on offers and bonuses. Of course there are specific sections regarding “Bonus” in casino section or “Promo Codes” and “Bonuses” in “Online Sportsbooks” section, but you have to search in order to find them, as they’re not projected in main menu, as the vast majority of these sites decide to do. This is another sign of credibility, though.

If the user experience is good

I spent more than an hour surfing around the various sections and sub-sections of this website before I started focusing on details about the review. This means that I had a good time. The content is really huge, a result of more than 12 years of tireless work. The aspects of oddsshark.com are so many that you can easily jump from one section to another and in the end cannot remember the main reason you visited them. The website is provided in English, Spanish and Portuguese, covering over 90% of the Americas official languages.

If it’s modern

There’s a lot of modernity. Besides the huge content, you could say that the design looks minimal. A trick not seen in these websites is toggling between the “Dark” font (where the font is black) and the “Light” font, where the main font color is white. It’s easy to change, from a switch present near the main menu.

If it’s social media friendly

They’re really social-media active. The Twitter account has more than 118.000 followers, a huge numbers showing the interest of the tweets around the gambling community. The Instagram account has more than 11K followers with more than 1.600 posts. On Facebook there’s a page in Portuguese dedicated to Brazil gambling enthusiasts. 

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists and the reviews about bonuses, oddsshark.com  has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,7) ♠♠♠♠

One word is capturing the whole website: Complete. There’s nothing you can search and not find.

Affiliate’s name: ODDS SHARK


Main traffic markets: US (mainly), worldwide

Preferred business model:  CPA

Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/OddsSharkBrasil

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/OddsShark

Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/oddssharksports/?hl=en

Contact of affiliate manager: https://www.oddsshark.com/contact


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