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Ondrej Lapides: «VR is the future of the humanity and Tom Horn will embrace this technology»

Gamblers Post presents interview with Ondrej Lapides, CEO of Tom Horn Gaming, where we talked about achievements, greatest challenge and future plans.

– Tom Horn Gaming is one of the leaders in this powerful industry. Could you share your secret recipe for success?

– There is no straightforward recipe for success. Just like cooking, building an effective business requires a different mixture of ingredients. We have invested a lot of time and effort to build the company culture together with our employees, listening carefully to their needs and aspirations. We’re lucky that we all share a common dream to create an ultimate gaming experience. We have worked very hard, experimented, researched new technologies, shared our expertise, tried various means and ways until we’ve found the right balance of perfect ingredients to create a successful business. Still, it is an ever-evolving process and we have to continue to work hard on our success. We cannot rest on our laurels if we want to be the best in what we do.

Over the years which achievements are you most proud of?

– It is tricky to pick out just one achievement as I think we have accomplished a lot on our journey to becoming one of the fastest growing software providers in the igaming industry. However, if I am to emphasise some of the milestones then it is our constant push into regulated gaming environment and our strong commitment to transparent and fair gaming. We were the first online gaming software supplier to be certified in Lithuania. Subsequently, we obtained gaming licences by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, which demonstrate industry’s recognition of Tom Horn as a reliable and trusted partner complying with the most stringent rules that are out there in this business.

During last few months we have landed a great number of deals with major players in the industry, aggregators and operators alike. This interest in our gaming products shows that we are perceived as a supplier that delivers high-quality content and can be trusted by both, operators and players.

– What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced so far?

– It was definitely when we separated from our parent company and started own business few years ago. This was accompanied by a big personal reshuffle, with new people joining the new venture, and the subsequent process of digital transformation. Technology is strongly integrated in today’s business landscape, more so if you’re a tech company. The systems and processes had to be rethought and new technologies put in place in order for business to stay competitive within the industry.

We introduced a new philosophy of infrastructure, and product development. The implementation of new principles has extensively improved and speed up our product life-cycle, customer success and satisfaction. It has also strengthened our company culture.

– What is one element that you always like to add into your games?

– One feature doesn’t make a great game. Developing a successful game requires a perfect unity of many different aspects, like attractive graphics to fascinating game mechanics, engaging math models, just to name a few. Different markets also seek different features due to their cultural preferences and background. It is therefore the total composite of elements that shape the game.

– In what way do you customize your games to meet the needs of different markets?

– As mentioned in my previous answer, we take geographic, cultural, hence market differences and requirements into consideration when developing our games. It is crucial to understand what players want to engage with. We also operate in various geographic markets, hence why we create different games to fit different market requirements. Graphic design, sounds, game features, math models are customised as per a particular market. We invest a lot of time and effort to get acquainted with player preferences and learn more about what games they love to play.

What’s next for Tom Horn Gaming?

– We will keep our course, navigating through the waters of regulated markets, adding new territories to our portfolio, and preparing new unique promotional tools that will help operators engage players even more.

We believe the VR is the future of the humanity and we at Tom Horn will definitely embrace this technology to use it in our products going forward.

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